ATI 05-06 GTO - I have a head unit, what else do I need?


Head units: The 05-06 GTO ProCharger brackets are designed to only use ProCharger self contained head units. They will not work with any of the ProCharger non self contained head units, such as a P600B. They will not work with other brands of head units either. A P-1SC through an F-2 will physically bolt up to the 05-06 ProCharger GTO bracket.

ProCharger head units are designed to be in a standard rotation or a reverse rotation, the 05-06 GTO ProCharger bracket places the head unit in a standard rotation orientation. You cannot use a reverse rotation head unit with this combination as the blower will not make any boost. It would be cost prohibitive to send in a reverse rotatation head unit to have it made into a standard rotation. How do you know what you have? The easiest thing to do is to write down the serial number found on the tag that is on the head unit, and call ProCharger at 913 338-2886. ProCharger can tell you which rotation the head unit is, and the history of it. You can also e-mail me at and give me the serial number and I will find out what you have.

Belt drive: The 05-06 GTO ProCharger kits use a separate belt to drive the blower off the crankshaft. ProCharger bolts a pulley to the harmonic balancer and bolts a pulley to the head unit, and a serpentine belt is used.

The standard 8 rib assembly using a factory balancer is the cheapest way to go. The standard ProCharger eight rib crank pulley bolts to the factory harmonic balancer, it will not fit up to any aftermarket balancers. This crank pulley has three pins on it that fit into slots on the factory balancer. A ProCharger supplied crank bolt is used to secure the crank pulley to the balancer. You need to use loc-tite on this bolt, this is mandatory as I have seen these crank pulleys fall off.  There are several problems that I have found over the years with this standard 8 rib combination. The pins on the 8 rib crank pulley tend to bend over time due to the power required to spin the blower. The ProCharger GTO standard 8 rib crank pulley is a 7.0" diameter, a larger crank pulley would spin the blower faster without having to use as small of a pulley on the blower.    


Below is a list of parts that are used it you want to keep the factory balancer.

Bracket assembly

Head unit mounting bolts

GTO Misc Bag

Vacuum manifold assembly

Cooling system bag

Coolant transfer tube

Power steering reservoir relocation

Fan shroud

Small fan

Large fan

Crank pulley

Blower pulleys and belts

Crank pinning kit

Air inlet tube

Air filter

Check valve

Blower oil

Drain line

GTO intercooler

Intercooler brackets

GTO Intercooler rubber goods bag

Intercooler tubing

Surge system bag

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