ATI 1CX200-F2 Non Intercooled Cog Race Kit with F-2

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ATI 1CX200-F2 Non Intercooled Cog Race Kit with F-2

One Race Valve is standard with this kit

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F-1X and F-2

Available for small block and big block Chevy engines, the intercooled and non-intercooled ProCharger F-1X and F-2 kits are the next step up the ladder from the popular F-1R. Utilizing a patented high speed compound bearing design, this supercharger offers operating speeds unmatched by any other line of superchargers on the market. Lubricated with ProCharger’s own proprietary synthetic oil blend, the ultra- rigid precision ground 9310 steel shafts and gears (mounted on super-precision, high speed bearings) transfer power from the engine to a CNC machined 7075 aluminum billet impeller, spinning it at an overdrive ratio of 5.40:1.

Equipped with our 10.5” volute, this unit packs a lot of power in a package that will fit under most hoods. Utilizing a 6061 billet serpentine drive pulley, these blowers are custom configured for your application at no extra cost.

Want to turn it up on the weekends? No problem. With a wide range of pulley sizes available you can quickly change boost levels to suit your needs. The mounting brackets, like the transmission case, are constructed from 6061 billet, providing a solid foundation for your ProCharger. The drive system utilizes a 12-rib belt (cog option available) with a rugged manual belt tensioner and oversized pulleys that provide maximum belt contact for peak power output.

These kits also include a carb bonnet and the tubing required to boost your Holley 4150-style carburetor. The F-1X and F-2 utilize an advanced helixed impeller capable of accommodating a broad range of applications. The F-1X and F-2 are capable of supporting 1,400-1,600 hp on properly prepared small block, big block and LS-based engines.

Optional Equipment:

Polished Finish for ProCharger & Bracketry
Competition Carb Bonnet
Pro-Pump "inline HP" Fuel Pump (3/8")
Cog Drive Mechanical Water Pump Pully
Boost Sensitive Fuel Pressure Regulator
1,000 HP Electric Fuel Pump
3 Core Intercooler, Race – 3.5”
Air/Air Intercooler – 1300 HP or 1550 HP
Air/Water Intercooler (1800 hp – race use only)
Race Surge/Bypass Valve
Universal Tube Kit – 3.5”


ProCharger F-1X
Base HP (NA Engine): 375-550 HP
Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 1,300 HP
Maximum Airflow: 2,000 cfm
Maximum Boost: 38 psi
Maximum Impeller RPM: 72,000
Internal Step-up Ratio: 5.40:1

ProCharger F-2
Base HP (NA Engine): 425-600 HP
Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 1,600 HP
Maximum Airflow: 2,700 cfm
Maximum Boost: 38 psi
Maximum Impeller RPM: 65,000
Internal Step-up Ratio: 5.40:1


ProCharger’s Superchargers Blow Away the Competition

ProCharger carbureted & aftermarket EFI superchargers were designed with one simple goal: blow the competition away. From 350 small blocks to 383 strokers and all the way up to massive 600+ cid big block monsters, ProCharger’s extensive lineup of applications for carbureted and aftermarket EFI Chevrolet engines are ideally suited for street, strip and full race vehicles.

Building the correct engine and blower combination, numerous ProCharged “muscle car” owners have demonstrated that it is possible to build a 1,600+ horsepower street car, complete with air conditioning and power steering!

ProCharger’s carb and aftermarket EFI small and big block applications include a wide range of available superchargers, intercoolers, drive systems, bypass valves, carb bonnets and even serpentine accessory drives for both small- and big-block Chevrolet engines.

From the custom designed 7075 billet aluminum impeller to the CNC machined transmission case to the industry-exclusive, compound bearing design, each self-contained ProCharger supercharger has been designed to deliver maximum performance, pass after pass, year after year, championship after championship.


P-1SC and D-1SC Superchargers – 825 to 925 HP

These are ProCharger’s entry level self-contained superchargers. Built more ruggedly than the high-end “race” models offered by others, these superchargers utilize a transmission case constructed from 6061 aluminum billet. Both superchargers are equipped with a 9” volute, with the P-1SC supporting up to 825 HP and the D-1SC supporting up to 925 HP. These units pack a lot of power while keeping a low profile. Click here for Basic Engine Building Specifications.


F-1 SERIES Superchargers – 1000+ HP

The highly versatile ProCharger F-1 supercharger lineup is compact enough for many of today’s high-horsepower modified street engine applications, yet powerful enough for ultra-high street horsepower and hard-core racing applications.


F-2 SERIES Superchargers – 1600+ HP

The ProCharger F-2 features a larger, 10.5-inch volute diameter and provides a significant increase in airflow when compared with the F-1/F-1A and F-1C/F-1R superchargers. Considered by many to be the ideal combination of small size and high performance, the F-2 retains all the F-Series design advantages, including self-contained oiling, the patented, ultra-high speed compound bearing assembly, precision ground 9310 steel gears and can support up to 1,600 horsepower.


F-3 SERIES Superchargers – 2000 to 3000+ HP

The first centrifugal supercharger to power a door-slammer over 200 mph and into the sixes, F-3 ProChargers are the centrifugal superchargers of choice among heads-up racers across the continent.

National Mustang Racing Association (NMRA), National Muscle Car Association (NMCA), National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA). Outlaw Racing Street Car Association (ORSCA), HOT ROD’s Drag Week and Pump Gas Drags, Bonneville, Maxton and more – chances are very good that a ProCharger-equipped racer has “been there, won that” with a ProCharger F-3 under their hood.

The legendary ProCharger F-3 family of supercharger models features a large, 12- inch volute and provides vastly higher airflow than the F-1 and F-2 models. Considered by many to be the ultimate competition supercharger, the F-3 retains all the F-Series design advantages, including self-contained oiling, the patented, ultra-high speed compound bearing assembly, precision ground 9310 steel gears and can support 2,000+ HP on race gas and 3,000+ HP on alcohol.

Carbureted and aftermarket efi chevrolet sb and bb F-2 cog race kits.
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  • Item #: ATI 1CX200-F2
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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Price $6,270.00

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