ATI 1GN313-F1A 05-06 GTO Intercooled Race Kit F-1A

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ATI 1GN313-F1A 05-06 GTO Intercooled Race Kit F-1A

Note: The F-1A comes with a crank pulley that has to be bolted to an ATI Performance Products pn#918853 harmonic balancer.

This kit automatically comes with the red race bypass valve.

F-1A-94, F-1C and F-1R head units will require a rubber adapter to connect the air inlet, this adapter is not supplied with this kit. F-1X head units will require the inlet side to be fabbed, and an adapter to connect the outlet side. The F-1X has a 3.5" outlet and the smaller head units have a 3.0" outlet. Wheelwell clearance will be tight with the F-1X, and modifications to the wheelwell may be necessary.



Intercooled Serpentine Race Kit–1,300 HP

Building a modified LS-based engine for your GTO? An intercooled ProCharger Serpentine Race Kit supports the highest boost and power levels in the industry. Utilizing a ProCharger F-1 Series supercharger, these race kits provide an outstanding power adder foundation on which to build your GTO racer and can even be upgraded to include an intercooler capable of handling 1,300 horsepower. This system installs in approximately half the time of other systems, with no need to punch a hole in the oil pan, replace the engine intake, or deal with all the complexity of an air-to-water-to-air intercooler. This new ProCharger system also has a much more attractive and "OEM" appearance than others for the GTO. Additionally, with the coolest charge air temperatures available, the HO Intercooled ProCharger system for the GTO produces not only the industry’s undisputed largest power gains, but also the best engine longevity.

1,300 hp race intercooler upgrade option!

Regarding the race intercooler from one of the guys at ProCharger.   "Inlet temps are dropped to ambient, no matter what application. Typically a 40-70 degree drop is seen at boost levels below 15psi. Above 15psi, it can drop the inlet temp by 70-150 degrees. And these numbers are compared to the standard i/c."


ATI 2005-06 GTO ProCharger Race Intercooler Assembly

 This 1300 HP Race Intercooler has an 3.0" inlet and outlet.

This intercooler assembly requires modification of the front bumper assembly.

The Intercooled ProCharger Race Kit with the F-1A is for those with modified engines looking to produce a lot of boost.
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  • Item #: ATI 1GN313-F1A 05-06 GTO
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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Price $7,251.00

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