ATI 1GQ402-SCI 08-13 Intercooled Race Kit with F-1D, F-1 or F-1A

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ATI 1GQ402-SCI 08-13 Intercooled Race Kit with F-1D, F-1 or F-1A

(Dedicated 10-rib drive system, race air inlet)


The Tuner Kit deletes the fuel injectors and the supplied tune. This tuner kit is for those people who are going to get a custom tune, and are supplying their own fuel injectors.


Over the years the power levels of Corvette C6’s with ProCharger superchargers have been pushed from 550rwhp to a mind-blowing 1,491rwhp!

A little while back we released our new “Race” air-to-air intercooler, which has already been destroying the dyno rollers to the tune of 1,457rwhp!


With big power comes the need for big airflow to the blower. The Race Corvette system comes with a high-flowing, reusable air filter.



The #1 enemy of any high HP supercharger system is belt slip. The longer the drive belt is, the more it will grow as power is applied to it. To keep the ProCharger drive belt short, we have incorporated a direct drive into the Race Kit. By adding a direct drive belt system to the ProCharger, we are able to decrease the overall length of the belt by over 40%, creating an ultra-strong grip.


 2009-13 models require ProCharger water pump pn#AIG02I-030 which is included

Requires 10-rib ATI Performance Products #917347X (LS3/LS2, wet sump) (not supplied) or Innovators West balancer #844 (LS3/LS2, wet sump) (not supplied) or #854 (LS7/GS, dry sump) (not supplied)


ProCharger also made sure that the accessories were given a strong OEM spring loaded tensioner. Using a spring loaded tensioner ensures that the accessories will have the proper belt pressure applied to them as the belt wears and grows over time.


To make installation of the accessory belt easy, we have also included an extra “boss” built into the bracket to allow for better leverage to release the tensioner. Once tension is off the belt, the belt can be easily slipped over the alternator pulley.

 The 1300 HP intercooler comes with this Race Kit



Industry Leading Power
With ProCharger technology, reliably adding big horsepower to your engine is a lot easier than you may think. Intercooled ProCharger systems utilize exclusive features and proven technology to deliver reliable 50-85% gains in horsepower and torque with stock motors running pump gas. ProCharger technology is proven to produce the industry's largest power gains and coolest charge air temperatures, and ATI is also the only company that guarantees the best performance gains. Nothing else even comes close! For modified street applications, ProCharger technology delivers 10-second ET's with the least amount of engine modifications - and with the supercharger still under warranty. For highly modified applications, ProCharger is the undisputed leader, and is over 800 horsepower ahead of the competition. Superior products yield superior results.

Advanced Design
The patented SC design eliminates the need for oil lines and punching a hole in the oil pan. Additionally, instead of being forced to utilize heated engine oil or the grease in sealed bearings, SC ProChargers are lubricated with an extremely high quality synthetic oil which is specifically engineered for high speed use, and produces the least frictional heat and parasitic load. The self-contained design not only eliminates the heat that is transferred to a supercharger by engine oil in oil-fed applications, it also avoids the risk of clogged supercharger oil lines, oil drainage problems, or engine oil leakage. By combining an advanced multi-patented supercharger transmission design with the highest quality oil, SC ProChargers produce a larger net power gain because they run cooler and consume less power than comparable oil-fed designs. Both street and strip ProCharger models are also the most durable superchargers available, and are backed by the industry's best warranty coverage.

ATI 1GQ402-SCI 08-13 Intercooled Race Kit with F-1D, F-1 or F-1A
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  • Item #: ATI 1GQ402-SCI C6 LS3
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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Price $7,781.00

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