ATI 1GW212-SCI 14-17 Chevy SS HO Intercooled System P-1SC-1

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ATI 1GW212-SCI 14-17 Chevy SS PPV HO Intercooled System P-1SC-1

Also fits 2014-16 Caprice with electric steering

ProCharger has released a complete HO Intercooled Supercharger System for the hot new 2014 on up Chevrolet SS. With a 6.2L V8 carrying a factory rating of 415 HP, the ProCharger HO Intercooled System produces a 50% HP gain over stock with 8 psi of intercooled boost and pump gas. HO intercooled Systems are supplied with proven tuning calibrations and a handheld programmer set for a 50% power gain over stock, though higher boost levels and horsepower gains are possible with an Intercooled Tuner Kit and custom tuning--even higher with modified motors. This system utilizes the industry leading ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger with self-contained oiling, meaning there is no need for external oil lines or oil pan modification.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, utilizing a highly-efficient 2 core air-to-air intercooler and an 8-rib dedicated supercharger drive system with an automatic tensioner, this is the most advanced and reliable supercharger system available for the SS.

With reliability, quality and power far superior to other forced-air induction systems, both Procharger HO Intercooled Systems and Tuner Kits are excellent ways to add even more power to the world-class performance of the Chevy SS sedan.

ProCharger gives SS owners multiple options in both the performance and appearance arenas, with a 2 core intercooler and P-1SC-1 head unit standard, and a 3 core intercooler and/or a D-1SC head unit upgrade available at the time of order. The mounting brackets and patented and proven supercharger can also be ordered with either polished, satin, or black finish.

ProCharger Chevrolet SS Design Highlights

• 50% HP gain with P-1SC-1 on 8 psi, pump gas
• Higher gains possible with modified motors and custom tuning
• OEM quality bolt-on design and finish
• Three supercharger and bracket finish options–Polished, Satin, or Black
• 8-rib Dedicated drive comes standard for higher reliability
• 2 Core intercooler standard, 3 Core upgrade available
• Easy installation using standard hand tools and floor jack
• Handheld Tuner available*
• Factory balancer does not have to be removed

*On the 2016+ models ProCharger has you remove your ECM and mail it to them at ProCharger for them to reprogram it. If you mail it in when you start the install, you'll have it back in several days.

The ProCharger Chevy SS Supercharger system starts its foundation with the industry leading P-1SC-1 head unit. Mounted with a robust CNC billet alum bracket system, driven by a dedicated drive belt system. 8 psi of forced air from the supercharger is feed to the huge air-to-air front mount intercooler, where its chilled before entering the 6.2L power plant. What does all of that mean? It means you can BOLT on a ProCharger to your brand new SS, and enjoy the smile 610+ Horse Power will put on your face.

High Efficiency Street/Strip Superchargers

The ProCharger P-1X and D-1X head units feature the robust, self-contained gearcase that is standard on most ProCharger models, but with a new aerodynamic compressor design that creates cooler charge air temperatures and more horsepower at the same boost level than our industry-standard P-1SC-1 and D-1SC. This higher efficiency design was engineered to be a bolt-in replacement for P-1SC-1 and D-1SC equipped systems and has even greater max-power potential.

These new designs are built on the same proven technology that propels the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC models to near 4-digit power numbers and slightly beyond, and feature the same step-up ratio. The compressor side of the supercharger (the volute and impeller) was redesigned with greater efficiency and less parasitic engine load in mind. This means less heat and less power needed to turn spin the impeller–and that adds up to more horsepower.

Both the P-1X and D-1X superchargers fit into the same brackets as P-1SC-1 systems and will be an optional upgrade for those who want increased performance on otherwise stock, modern V8 engines–to the tune of 10-15 more flywheel horsepower at the same pulley size (with stock motors running standard boost levels)!

P-1X/D-1X Features:

  • More power per psi, more maximum HP, and cooler charge air temperatures
  • 10-15 flywheel HP gain with P-1X on otherwise stock, modern V8 automotive engines
    at the same boost level and pulley size (vs P-1SC-1)
  • Even larger gains possible at the same boost level with built and modified motors
  • P-1X™ is 875+ HP capable and is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the P-1SC-1
  • D-1X™ is 1000+ HP capable and is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the D-1SC
  • Designed for today’s high flowing modern V8 engines producing 300+ naturally aspirated HP
  • Available now as optional upgrade with ProCharger Systems and Tuner Kits
  • Highly durable, High HP designs with a compact new state-of-the-art 9.0" housing/volute
  • Higher efficiency produces cooler charger air temperatures and reduces parasitic engine load
  • Uses same proven gearcase as P-1SC-1 and D-1SC–also available with standard or reduced noise level
  • P-1X/D-1X volutes are slightly larger than P-1SC-1/D-1SC volutes


If you are looking for a four door, rear wheel drive sedan that delivers a powerful supercharged punch, the ProCharger SS straight out delivers. The ProCharger supercharger system, and the Chevy SS are a sure fire way to make sure owners of those “other” cars take notice, without taking out a second mortgage.

8-rib Dedicated Drive





Tuning for full systems is included with the 8 psi stock system offering. This comes in the form of a simple-to-use hand held programmer. With long-term reliability in mind, these tunes are set up conservatively from the factory to account for fuel variations across the country. As always, more power can be had from the base system, with custom tuning from your dealer or tuning shop. On the 2016+ models ProCharger has you remove your ECM and mail it to them at ProCharger for them to reprogram it. If you mail it in when you start the install, you'll have it back in several days.



ProCharger knows that there is always a chance that someone might eventually sell their Corvette and want to return it to stock. With that in mind, every piece of OEM plastic that would have to get trimmed is already supplied with the kit. Not only does this drastically speed up the install, but it also ensures that the you can return the car to 100% OEM stock, using the original GM-factory pieces.

Fuel Mileage and ProCharger…WHAT?!

A supercharger will decrease the fuel economy of your vehicle, right? WRONG!!

Although roots superchargers have significant parasitic load and do dramatically decrease fuel economy, centrifugal superchargers (like ProCharger) will yield approximately the same fuel economy as normally aspirated engines under normal throttle conditions. This means that after the installation of a ProCharger intercooled supercharger system, if you drive your vehicle in the same manner as you did before the installation, you should see no drop in fuel economy and in some cases customers with heavier vehicles have actually increased their fuel economy because of less frequent downshifts! However, the purpose of the supercharger is to get more air into the engine…and when you add air you must add fuel. So when you stand on the throttle and that impeller starts force-feeding your motor the air it deserves, your fuel system will allow more fuel in to create gobs of Grandma scaring horsepower. It is during those moments when supercharged vehicles see a drop in fuel economy.

To explain further, a supercharged engine operates at a much higher power and efficiency level than a naturally aspirated engine. So why, under normal operating conditions, would making an engine more efficient decrease fuel economy?

ProCharger has a large and ever changing fleet of test vehicles running the streets and race tracks every year. We use these vehicles to test everything you would expect from a company like ProCharger…durability, aesthetics, noise, drivability, power. What you may not expect is that we also collect fuel mileage data on these test mules. A small snapshot of some of our data is below.

  • 2005 Mustang V6
    • Intercooled ProCharger P-1SC
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Factory Mileage Claim: 19 City/25 Hwy
    • ProCharged Fuel Mileage: 22.55 mpg
  • 2004 Corvette Z06
    • Intercooled ProCharger P-1SC-1
    • Manual Transmission
    • Factory Mileage Claim: 19 City/28 Hwy
    • ProCharged Fuel Mileage: 21.00 mpg
  • 2007 Mustang GT
    • Intercooled ProCharger P-1SC-1
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Factory Mileage Claim: 18 City/23 Hwy
    • ProCharged Fuel Mileage: 19.59 mpg
  • 2006 Dodge Charger 5.7L HEMI
    • Intercooled ProCharger P-1SC-1
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Factory Mileage Claim: 17 City/25 Hwy
    • ProCharged Fuel Mileage: 21.00 mpg

The majority of the above data was taken during mostly highway driving on the 2007 Hot Rod Power Tour. As you can imagine, fuel mileage was not the main concern of our drivers when cruising along side the amazing cars that grace the Power Tour. The Dodge Charger fuel mileage was recorded on a recent roundtrip from Kansas City to Tampa, FL. Also, keep in mind that the above vehicles are all stock with the exception of the intercooled ProCharger system. Your fuel mileage may vary depending on your vehicle combination and driving habits.

2001 Chevrolet Silverado customer testimonial after the installation of a P-1SC-1 Intercooled ProCharger system.

“My gas mileage has increased nearly 1 mpg on my annual trip from Michigan to Alabama, from 16.19 mpg naturally aspirated to 17.06 mpg with the ProCharger. Considering these trips are taken during Christmas in the winter with periods of idle time and speeds with the flow of traffic the ProCharger actually helps gas mileage. Add the extra on demand power and the smiles per gallon, the truck makes the trips fun!”

2006 Hemi Ram customer testimonial after the installation of a P-1SC-1 Intercooled ProCharger system.

“I’ve got 34K miles on the supercharger system in the past 9 months, and it’s great. I pass other trucks on hills all the time while towing Bobcats and other heavy loads. And my fuel economy is about the same as it was before, but with a lot more power.”

ATI 1GW212-SCI 14-17 Chevy SS HO Intercooled System P-1SC-1
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  • Item #: ATI 1GW212-SCI 14-17 Chev SS
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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