ATI 2GQSU-001-8 C6 8 Rib Dedicated Drive (8 HO to Stage 11)

ATI 2GQSU-001-8  C6 8 Rib Dedicated Drive (8 RIB HO to 8 RIB Stage 11) 



The #1 enemy of any high HP supercharger system is belt slip. The longer the drive belt is, the more it will grow as power is applied to it. To keep the ProCharger drive belt short, we have incorporated a direct drive into the Stage II system. By adding a direct drive belt system to the ProCharger, we are able to decrease the overall length of the belt by over 40%, creating an ultra-strong grip.

ProCharger also made sure that the accessories were given a strong OEM spring loaded tensioner. Using a spring loaded tensioner ensures that the accessories will have the proper belt pressure applied to them as the belt wears and grows over time.


Bracket is not included, this kit updates a shared drive system to a direct drive system. Bracket Assembly is available in the options section.

Requires an ATI PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS balancer purchase (not included)

2009+ requires LS1 F Body water pump to be used with this kit.



To make installation of the accessory belt easy, we have also included an extra “boss” built into the bracket to allow for better leverage to release the tensioner. Once tension is off the belt, the belt can be easily slipped over the alternator pulley.


ATI 2GQSU-001-8 8 Rib Dedicated Drive (8 RIB HO to Stage 11)
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  • Item #: ATI 2GQSU-001-8 8 Rib
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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