ATI 3GJFP-001 Pro-Pump "Inline HP" Fuel Pump (3/8) Complete


3/8 Pro-Pump

ATI 3GJFP-001 Pro-Pump "Inline HP" Fuel Pump (3/8) Complete



Product Information
Pro-Pump "Inline HP" Fuel Pump (3/8)

This ProCharger fuel pump is designed so that you just have to plug the hoses into your existing fuel system leaving the stock intank to run at a lower pressure and feed the external pump.

The fuel pump assembly contains a high flow, high pressure fuel pump. It is installed in-line between the stock in-tank pump and the fuel filter (outside of the tank), and is used to increase the fuel delivery capacity of the stock fuel system. Used in conjunction with your stock pump, fuel pressures in excess of 100 psi can be attained. The pump by itself is rated at 24O lph at 42 psi. The fuel pump is wired into your stock pump harness and operates only when the in-tank pump operates. Since the internal drive motor is a dc type motor, the pump output is dependent on proper voltage (13.5 vdc) and requires correct orientation of the positive and negative power leads (as specified near the power terminals of the pump) in order to flow in the correct direction.



Black 3/8" coupler

Black 5/16" coupler

Stainless steel fuel line

One foot long piece of heat shield

Zip ties

Fuel pump relay

M6 nut and washer

Blue electrical "T" connector

Brass nut and lock washer

32 hose clamp

Yellow ring terminal


Installation instructions can be found in this older copy of the ProCharger F Body Installation Instructions.


ATI 3GJFP-001 Pro-Pump "Inline HP" Fuel Pump (3/8) Complete
  • Item #: ATI 3GJFP-001
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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