ATI 96-01 Mustang Cobra Cog Upgrade Kit

ATI 96-01 Mustang Cobra Cog Upgrade Kit with A/C


3FCBB-004  96-01 4.6 Cobra Cog main Bracket

3FCAB-001  96-01 Cobra Cog A/C Bracket

DB881I-006  Belt - 6 Rib (KO60882)

3FCTB-001  96-01 4.6 Cobra 62MM Cog Tens

3FCTB-002  96-01 Cobra Cog 6R Tens

PMFF1A-002  Owner's Manual (4.6 Cog Race Kit)

3FADR-031  F1/F2 Cog Pulley Hub & Hardware Bag Rev 2

DC050A-003  Adapter - SBF- BB Universal Cog Crank Pulley

DC050A-011  Adapter Retainer - SBFBBC Cog Crank

DC066A-003  Universal 66T Wide Cog Crank Pulley

DP050A-046  Cog Drive Pulley - 46 Teeth (8MM)

DB1120I-062  PolyChain GT2 Belt (8MGT-1120-62)



Note: Not recommended for the P-1SC and D-1SC head units. The Cog upgrade is intended for use with the F series of blowers.


Note: '96-'98 Timing Cover will have to be used for the '99-'01 models.

Note: ATI Performance Products harmonic balancer pn# 918036 is required.

Note: We will contact you for the actual pulley and belt combination sizes.


ATI 96-01 Mustang Cobra Cog Upgrade Kit
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  • Item #: ATI 96-01 Cobra Cog Upgrade
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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