ATI 98-02 F Body - I have a head unit, what else do I need? pg 3

Fuel Injectors: You have to use larger fuel injectors with a boosted engine unless you have one of the newer E85 capable engines that come with larger injectors. 60lb per hr fuel injectors are the norm these days now that injectors prices have come down. I would not use 42lb injectors unless you already have them and you're only going to run 7 psi of boost on a basically stock engine. If you have an engine with a forged bottom end and you're planning on running more than 12 psi then I would go with at least 80lb injectors. 80lb injectors are roughly the same price as 60lb injectors and with a good tune, the idle and low end response is about the same. 60lb injectors 80lb injectors

Fuel Pump: Stock LS1 fuel pumps are not going to be adequate unless an inline pump is added, or the factory pump is replaced with a larger pump. The easiest method is to added ProChargers frame mounted inline pump.

ATI 98-02 F Body - I have a head unit, what else do I need? pg 3
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