ATI AF006A-028 Race Bellmouth - F1C/F1R

ATI AF006A-028  Race Bellmouth - F1C/F1R

Use with 4.00" T-Bolt Clamp part #: CLT400I-1SS

ProCharger engineers put countless hours of research and development time into forming every angle of the bell, from the shape and angle of the “bowl” section itself, to the rounded lips on the edges. The Bellmouths are manufactured from billet aluminum, and anodized in black, with the ProCharger logo laser-etched. While the F-1X-12R and F-3R-136 share the same housing and inlet diameter, the Bellmouths for each, as well as the F-1X, are specifically designed for each supercharger, with slight nuances in the shape and angles catered to each supercharger. They’re also designed proportionate to the inlet size, making the F-1X version slightly smaller than its counterparts.


ATI AF006A-028 Race Bellmouth - F1C/F1R
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  • Item #: ATI AF006A-028
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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