ATI AIMA1A-002 INTERCOOLER-AW324-RAW (marine intercooler)


Note: Picture is of a used AIMA1A-002

 The two biggest issues are the type of supercharger utilized in the system, and the design of the intercooler. Roots superchargers are the least efficient superchargers, which means that they consume the most power to turn the supercharger itself, and produce the most heat. Centrifugal superchargers are the most efficient, which means that they consume the least power and produce the coolest air. Intercooler design is also very important. If a system utilizes an extremely undersized intercooler with even a reasonably efficient supercharger, the system will produce excessive heat, limited power gains, and reduced engine longevity. With the advanced thermal design of ProCharger Marine intercoolers, not only is the heat rejection capability per cubic inch outstanding, the overall size and total heat rejection capabilities of these intercoolers is far superior to others.
For example, the ProCharger AW-324 intercooler core will remove far more heat than a competing intercooler core, which is utilized in the screw-type supercharger system for the 502 EFI. While the heat-rejection capability per cubic inch of these two intercooler cores is similar, the AW-324 features more than three times the cooling volume of the screw-type core, and is far more effective. Similarly, the ProCharger AW-504 intercooler, which is designed for even higher power levels than the AW-324, will remove even more heat. Air distribution with the ProCharger system design is also superior, as the screw-type core is positioned directly adjacent to the throttle body opening, which limits utilization of the core’s already limited effectiveness. Not surprisingly, the supercharger system which utilizes the most efficient supercharger and most effective intercooler will produce the largest power gains.

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  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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