ATI AV008A-001 ProFlo Surge Valve



Product Code: AV008A-001

ProFlo Surge Valve, note filter is not supplied

This is the standard ProFlo surge valve that ProCharger has used for approx the last five years. It is a vastly superior design to the alum colored older valve. Note that a slight airgap will be seen when the blade is in the closed position, this is normal and does not affect the amount of boost that is produced.


Importance of Bypass/Surge Valves
Applications utilizing intercooling and those operating at boost
levels in excess of 8 psi will benefit from the use of a bypass
valve (commonly referred to as a “surge” valve). In high RPM,
low load conditions, the supercharger is still operating at full
speed and attempting to deliver full flow. With the throttle
blade(s) at or near the fully closed position, the engine is unable
to accept the airflow from the supercharger. In this event the
pressure builds until the flow attempts to reverse direction and
exit through the compressor, resulting in a harmful condition
known as compressor surge. Installing a bypass valve between
the supercharger discharge and the carburetor/throttle body
prevents damaging compressor surges by diverting the
undemanded charge air to the atmosphere during manifold
vacuum conditions. ATI’s butterfly-type Pro-Flo is well suited
for applications making 750 hp
or less. Applications at
higher power levels are
best suited for use
with our
race valve.


Bypass Valves vs Blow Off Valves

Blowers are always producing some amount of boost as they are belt driven, where a turbo spools up as the exhaust velocity is increased. Bypass valves are used with blowers since they always relieve the boost until near zero vacuum (heavy throttle) is achieved. Blow-off valves are designed to relieve boost at a set amount of boost, and can cause boost stacking when used with a blower. Light springs can be used with blow-off valves so that they can be used with blowers, and many have reported success with doing so. Unless a blow off valve is properly set up with a light spring though, the boost that is built up places a load on the blower that is hard on it, plus it will try to slow the blower down which can cause belt slippage. Stacked up boost will also try to find weak spot in the tubing and hoses to blow out of. Bob´╗┐

ATI AV008A-001 ProFlo Surge Valve
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  • Item #: ATI AV008A-001
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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