ATI DC017A-001 6 Rib Crank Bolt


 ATI DC017A-001  6 Rib Crank Bolt, also used on Chevy SS 8 Rib

M'16-2x14O Hex Bolt -Shoud be replaced every time it is removed. Note: Loc-tite should be used on the bolt after cleaning the bolt threads of any oil.

6-RIB F Body and Chevy SS 8 Rib

Clean the inside face of the factory harmonic balancer using solvent and a wire brush. This
is very important to ensure that the supplied pulley will sit flush once installed.
Install the ATI billet aluminum crank pulley, using the provided grade 14.4,M16-2.0x140
hex head cap screw and washer, making sure that the crank pulley dowel pins are sitting
between the dampeners pokes, and that it is rotated counter-clockwise until the dowel pins
touch the dampener spokes. Make sure the pulley is sitting flush on the dampener.
Tighten and torque the new crank pulley center bolt to 40 ft/lbs. Now turn the bolt an additional
l2O deg. of rotation (1/3 of a revolution). Verify that the face of the ATI crank pulley
is now parallel with the face of the factory harmonic balancer.

ATI DC017A-001 6 Rib Crank Bolt, also used on Chevy SS 8 Rib
  • Item #: ATI DC017A-001
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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