ATI PC015A-012 P-1SC-2 to D-1SC Upgrade


Note: D-1SC Head Unit Is Shown

This applies to converting a presently owned satin finish P-1SC-2 to an D-1SC.  When you place your order, we will send you an RMA number from ProCharger and the address at ProCharger to send your head unit to.   Your P-1SC-2 head unit will be fully inspected ($95.00 inspection fee is included in this price) and upgraded into an D-1SC and shipping back to you is included in this price.  This price does not include any additional labor or parts that ProCharger may find wrong with your head unit, and no additional work will be done without your consent. There is a polished option at the bottom of this page if your head unit is polished.







ATI PC015A-011 P-1SC-2 to D-1SC Upgrade (currently owned, satin finish)
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  • Item #: ATI PC015A-012
  • Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)
  • Condition: New
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Price $1,499.99
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