BMR EN001 05-14 MUSTANG/GT500 Dual-durometer rearend bushing



BMR EN001 05-14 MUSTANG/GT500 Dual-durometer rearend bushing

3 link suspensions place excessive loads on the upper link bushings. In the S197 Mustang, two bushings are responsible for handling the same torque load that 4 bushings had done before. Additionally, these bushings are subjected to more "twist" than before since the rear end can better articulate as a 3 link design. In order to allow free articulation, the OE rearend bushing is designed to flex. This flex is great for handling but under straight line acceleration, it contributes to wheelhop and inconsistant launch characteristics.

BMR offers a no-compronise solution with it's dual durometer 5 piece polyurethane replacement bushing. By designing the bushing as a multi-piece unit, it allowed them to keep the inside portion stiff for great straightline acceleration load and the outside portions soft for bind-free handling. NOTE: requires use of existing bushing shell

BMR 05-12 MUSTANG/GT500 Dual-durometer rearend bushing
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  • Item #: BMR EN001
  • Manufacturer: BMR Suspension
  • Condition: New
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