BMR KHP008 05-10 Mustang Koni handling performance package Lev 3

BMR KHP008 05-10 Mustang Koni handling performance package Lev 3

 BMR Suspension has taken the guesswork out of making significant handling improvements to the 2005-2014 S197 Mustang, and put it in one convenient package. Countless hours of design, engineering, and track testing gives you the best combination of parts for improved handling on the street and track. Matching specific components provides a great blend of performance, aesthetics, and comfort.

BMR’s KONI Handling Package (KHP008) addresses key points of the suspension to improve the “system.” BMR Suspension designed the KHP008 to work well for street performance and handling applications. BMR’s KONI Handling Package is 100-percent bolt-in and require zero cutting, welding, or modification to the chassis or suspension. Whether you simply want a better handling daily driver, or the ultimate track day car, rely on BMR Suspension!

Koni Shocks (KON-M0510-YE)
This package consists of (2) Koni 8741-1494 Sport adjustable front shocks and (2) Koni 8241-1240 Sport adjustable rear shocks.

Lowering Springs (SP009)
Over time, stock springs sag, get rusty, and simply wear out. BMR Suspension believes the right springs go beyond looks—your S197 needs to perform, too! All BMR springs are manufactured from chrome silicon high-tensile spring wire, and are cold wound on a CNC coiling machine. The CNC coiling head can adjust the spring diameter in real time to ensure that every spring is exactly the same. This guarantees that your right spring matches your left spring. Every BMR spring is compressed solid at the factory, not once, but twice. This gives the spring its permanent set, and guarantees no sag. BMR springs are stress-relieved at 750 degrees F, ensuring most stresses induced during the winding process are eliminated. All springs are then shot-peened to eliminate residual surface stresses. Many spring manufacturers skip this step, but BMR insists on this operation as part of our spring manufacturing process. Every spring is computer tested as the last step—every spring, not just a sample from each batch. Each spring is loaded in the spring tester at the factory, then compressed and the CNC load cell measures the force for a variety of spring lengths. This allows BMR to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against spring sag.

Blending aesthetics and performance, BMR has designed the SP009 for the street performance crowd who want to use their cars in a variety of application. These springs will drop the front end of your S197 Mustang 1.5-inches, and feature a fine-tuned spring rate (165lb front, 160lb rear) to give you great handling and a smooth ride. The linear spring rate offers plenty of support, keeping the body flat and level in the corners, while remaining soft enough for a comfortable ride on any road.
Stock sway bars have low torsional spring rates because they are manufactured from small diameter bar stock or tubing.

BMR Suspension’s KHP008 KONI Handling Package is available in black hammertone and red powdercoat for long-lasting good looks. Installation time is 5-6 hours. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

- Fits 2005-2014 Ford Mustang
- 100% Bolt-on
- Specific combination of parts
- Fully street and track tested
- Greatly improves handling
- Adjustable and non-adjustable components
- Heavy-Duty construction
- Durable powdercoat finish
- 5-6 hour installation time
- Proudly designed in the U.S.A.
- Proudly made in the U.S.A.



BMR Koni handling performance package (Level 3)

Application: 2005-2010 Mustang

Box Dimensions (SP009R): 47” x 14” x 6”

Shipping Weight (SP009R): 17 pounds

Box Dimensions (KON-8741-1494): 26” x 14” x 9”

Shipping Weight (KON-8741-1494): 25 pounds

Box Dimensions (KON-8241-1240): 27” x 7” x 4”

Shipping Weight (KON-8241-1240): 11 pounds

Department: Chassis & Suspension

Section: Suspension Components

Part Type: Suspension Handling Packages

Brand: BMR Suspension

Front Coil Springs Included: Yes

Rear Coil Springs Included: Yes

Rear Leaf Springs Included: No

Front Shocks/Struts Included: Yes

Front Shock Type: Twin-tube, gas-charged, adjustable

Rear Shocks/Struts Included: Yes

Rear Shock Type: Twin-tube, gas-charged, adjustable

Front Sway Bar Included: No

Front Sway Bar Finish: N/A

Front Sway Bar Type: N/A

Front Sway Bar Diameter (in): N/A

Front Sway Bar Diameter (mm): N/A

Rear Sway Bar Included: No

Rear Sway Bar Finish: N/A

Rear Sway Bar Type: N/A

Rear Sway Bar Diameter (in): N/A

Rear Sway Bar Diameter (mm): N/A

Tie Rod Sleeves Included: No

End Link Bushings Included: Yes

Rear Leaf Spring Bushings Included: No

Sway Bar Bushings Included: Yes

Rear Upper Control Arms Included: No

Rear Lower Control Arms Included: No

Rear Control Arm Style: N/A

Rear Control Arm Material: N/A

Rear Control Arm Finish: N/A

Control Arm Mount Braces Included: No

Panhard Bar Included: No

Torque Arm Included: No

Front Upper A-Arms Included: No

Front Lower A-Arms Included: No

Front A-Arm Style: N/A

Front A-Arm Material: N/A

Front A-Arm Finish: N/A

Front Strut Tower Bar Included: No

K-Member Support Brace Included: No

Rear Strut Tower Bar Included: No

Subframe Connectors Included: No

Chassis Stiffener Included: No

Calipers Included: No

Rotors Included: No

Brake Pads Included: No

Brake Lines Included: No

Wheel Studs Included: No

Center Link Included: No

Spindles Included: No

Inner Tie Rod Ends Included: No

Outer Tie Rod Ends Included: No

Bushing Material: Polyurethane

Bushing Color: Red

Mounting Hardware Included: No

Quantity: Sold as a kit

BMR KHP008 05-10 Mustang Koni handling performance package Lev 3
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  • Item #: BMR KHP008R
  • Manufacturer: BMR Suspension
  • Condition: New
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