BMR SFC004 Tubular Subframe Connectors - #1 Recommended Mod!



BMR SFC004 Tubular Subframe Connectors - #1 Recommended Mod!

This is Brute Speed's #1 recommended mod!

Reduce chassis flex to a minimum and increase your handling capabilities with a set of BMR subframe connectors.

These weld-in subframe connectors fit 1993-2002 F-bodies and will work with all aftermarket exhaust systems.

All mounting plates are made from either 3/16" or 1/4" laser cut plates for the ultimate in strength.

Connectors are constructed from 1-5/8" roll cage tubing.
1993 - 2002 Chevrolet Camaro
1993 - 2002 Pontiac Firebird
Manufactured By
BMR Suspension | USA Made
Available Colors
 Black Hammertone


(Approximate install time - 2.5 hours )

Welder 2 - 18mm wrenches
4 Jackstands or Drive on Lift(preferable) Prybar
Sander, angle grinder, or wire wheel Ramps(optional)


  1. Jack up the car and place 2 jack stands under the rear inner frame rails (rails that run next to fuel filter)and two under the front A-arms. If possible, it is preferable to place the front tires on ramps. Jack up the rearend until the lower control arms are close to parallel with the ground and leave the rearend supported with the jack.. DO NOT SUPPORT BY REAREND ONLY! If using a lift, disregard this step and move on to step 2.
  2. Remove front bolts on the lower control arms. The rearend may shift slightly rearward.
  3. Position the subframe connector over the rear control arm mount so that it "sandwiches" the subframe. Using the provided hardware, slide bolts through subframe connector, subframe, and control arm and install nut finger tight. Repeat this step for the other side.
  4. Lift the front of the subframe connector up until the front mounting plates are flush with the subframes. On 1993-1997 cars, it is necessary to remove the plastic fuel line clip (shown in Image 1 below) in order to allow the subframe connector to sit flush with the frame rail. Hold into position and use a marker to mark the subframes in all weld areas. Lower the subframe connectors and remove paint from the subframe and the subframe connectors at the weld points using a wire wheel or sander. Re-position the subframe connector in place and weld a bead around all three sides of the front mounting plates and all three sides of the rear mounting plates (See images 2-3 for weld areas).
  5. Once both sides are welded, lower the vehicle to ride height and tighten the rear control arm mounts making sure that it compresses the bushing.

NOTE: If a noise is present coming from the rear of the car while driving, this connection is not tight enough. This noise typically sounds like a "clunk" and occurs when driving over road irregularities. With the rear control arm reinforcements on BMR subframe connectors, it may be necessary to tighten the mounting bolts as high as 90 ft/lbs in order to compress the bushing enough to eliminate this noise.



BMR SFC004 SUBFRAME CONNECTORS - #1 Recommended Mod at Brute Speed!
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