Brute Speed Forced Induction Camshaft - FREE SHIPPING!

Brute Speed Forced Induction Camshaft - FREE SHIPPING!

Awesome musclecar sound of the sixties!


Cam specs are:

Dur @ .050 232 int  240 exh

Lift              .595 int .608 exh

Lobe Sep 115.0


This LS hydraulic camshaft grind has proven itself over the years to add an enormous amount of power! This camshaft works great for both supercharger and turbocharger equipped vehicles. We have had customers install this camshaft before they ordered their ProChargers, and pick up over 60 rwhp.

Soundclips of this camshaft

Valvesprings that can handle the lift of this camshaft are required.


1: Is any flycutting needed for this size cam?  We have never run into a build that this cam required flycutting the pistons.

2: I plan on upgrading pushrods, and timing chain while in there. What other supporting mods will absolutely be needed like injectors or bigger fuel pump?  We recommend pushrods, typically stock 7.40 length are what is needed. We would also go with a new timing chain assembly, as the oem ones will normally be found to be stretched to some degree. 

There is usually no need to replace the rocker arms, the stock rocker arms are a good design, and do not flex like old school sbc rocker arms do. The stock lifters too usually do not require replacing, as they tend to work out just fine with this camshaft. 



Brute Speed forced induction camshaft for ATI ProChargers and for turbocharger equipped vehicles.
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  • Item #: Brute Speed Camshaft
  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
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