CBR 06072011 LS1 Alternator relocation bracket using F-body alt


CBR 06072011  LS1 Alternator relocation bracket using F-body alternator

The CBR Performance Product's alternator relocation bracket kit includes everything needed to move the stock 98-02 LS1 F-Body alternator to the passenger side cylinder head.
Moving the alternator to the passenger side of the motor makes motor swaps in non LS1 powered vehicles possible.
This is also very popular with turbo kit builders.

This kit includes following:
All the necessary hardware.
Proper length drive belt (if ordered in options)
High quality rod end tensioning arm.
Brackets are made of steel and powder coated hammer tone finish.

NOTE: This kit WILL NOT WORK with Corvette or truck water pump and pulleys.
F-Body ( 98-02 Camaro and Trans-Am) or GTO water pump and harmonic balancer are required.

This kit will also accept 2 other alternators other than the 98-02 F-Body alternator.

  • 105 AMP LS1 truck alternator.
  • 145 AMP LS1 truck alternator. Note: valve cover oil filler tube will need to be modified.


CBR offers two different alternator relocation kits, they both use the same bracket.

  The CS130 alternator style has less distance between the pivot bolt and the pulley, and requires a shorter belt.
 The LS style alt's uses a 3/8x3" bolt to bolt the turn buckle to the alt.
 The CS130 has a thin tab that is threaded 8x1.25.
 When a customer selects the CS130 we know what belt to send them and we include a 8x1.25 bolt for mounting the turn buckle.
 If you look closely at the pic's the turn buckle is mounted to the back of the bracket on the LS alt and it mounts to the front on the CS130



CBR 06072011 LS1 Alternator relocation bracket using F-body alternator
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