CBR 8RIB8.65PLY 98-02 F Body 8 Rib 8.65" Crank Pulley

CBR 8RIB8.65PLY 98-02 F Body 8 Rib 8.65" Crank Pulley

This Pulley is a direct replacement for the 8 rib 7.65 dia pulley part# ATI DC017A-008 commonly used on 98-02 F-Bodys equipped with LS1 engines using ProCharger brand superchargers.

This 8 Rib pulley is 8.65 inches diameter! A full 1 inch larger than the pulley supplied with other 8 rib kits. It clears the stock water pump. 


This crank pulley also works on the G8 using a special ATI Performance Products harmonic balancer that we carry, along with a spacer that is required, that Vector Motorsports sells. See the following link. http://www.g8board.com/forums/showthread.php?t=190802

Increasing boost with superchargers is simple, increase the supercharger rpm relative to the engine rpm.
This is done in one of two ways:
1. Put a smaller pulley on the supercharger.
This is counter productive as the smaller pulley has less belt contact. Less belt contact leads to belt slip and premature belt failure.
Belt slip decreases boost the very thing you are trying to increase. To sum it, putting a smaller pulley on the supercharger to increase boost is counter productive.
2. Putting a larger pulley on the crankshaft of the motor will increase boost and increase belt contact area.
This is a no compromise solution to increasing boost of a supercharger.


Requires ATI Performance Products Balancer 918853 and crank pinning kit or a keyed crankshaft.

You do not want to overspeed your blower past ProChargers recommended max rpm limits!!!

Max RPM Limits:

P-1SC - 62,000 rpm

P-1SC-1 - 65,000 rpm

D-1SC - 62,000 rpm

F-1D - 65,000 rpm

F-1 - 70,000 rpm

F-1A - 74,000 rpm

F-1C - 74000 rpm

F-1R - 68,000 rpm

F-1X - 72,000 rpm

F-2 - 65,000 rpm


 To determine the impeller speed, the following formula is used:

Maximum impeller speed = crankshaft pulley diameter (N1) divided by supercharger pulley diameter (N2),multiplied by the step-up ratio (4.10 for the P-series/D series - 5.00 for the older F-1, 5.40 for the newer F series), multiplied by engine rpm at redline.


Belt Matrix Chart when using the Aster J bracket:

3.85 pulley/53.0" long 8 rib belt

4.50 pulley/55.0" long 8 rib belt


Belt Matrix Chart when using the ProCharger J bracket:

3.70 pulley/42.7" long 8 rib belt

4.13 pulley/44.0" long 8 rib belt


If you have found a belt and pulley combination that works, please e-mail me the combination. Thanks. Bob

CBR 8RIB8.65PLY 98-02 F Body 8 Rib 8.65" Crank Pulley
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