CBR TOW_HOOKS Universal Tow Hooks

CBR TOW_HOOKS    Universal Tow Hooks

Tired of laying under your car getting dirty strapping down the rear axle to your car trailer!

CBR Performance Products has a solution for that!

These universal Tow Hooks provide you with a convenient and secure location to hook your straps or chains to your car
when strapping it to your trailer.

The Tow Hooks are made of high strength steel and are powder coated for years and years on trouble free use.

These examples of them in use are on a 2000 GM F-Body. They are powder coated red so they would stand out in the photos.

These tow hooks will work well on Mustangs, GM G-Body or anything that needs a convenient location to hook your tow straps.

The Large hole is 1-1/2" and the small slot for the bolt is 1/2"

In the example photos of the 2000 TransAm, all we had to do to hook the strap to the Toe Hook was kneel down next to the rear tire and reach around behind it and hook the strap in the Tow Hook! That took all of about 10 seconds per side!



CBR TOW_HOOKS Universal Tow Hooks
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