Comp 1500 1.7/1.7 Ratio Aluminum Shaft Rocker Arms

Comp Cams 1500 1.7/1.7 Ratio Aluminum Shaft Rocker Arms

Shaft Mount Rocker System, LS1, LS2, LS6, 1.7 Ratio

GM Gen III; 1.7/1.7 Ratio, .000/.000 Offset

COMP Cams® Shaft Mounted Rockers feature 8620 steel pedestals and shafts that have been deep case-hardened and tempered for maximum wear resistance and strength. These super-tough shafts provide a stable and accurate pivot point for the rocker arm bodies and increase the rigidity and structural integrity of your cylinder heads and valve train, making them ideal for ultra high-horsepower race engines.

COMP Cams® precision-manufactured 2024 aluminum shaft rocker bodies exhibit brute strength and fatigue resistance and are designed to provide trouble-free performance in even the harshest environments. The full roller design dramatically reduces friction for unmatched horsepower production.

COMP Cams® Shaft Mounted Rocker Arms feature oil passages that feed pressurized oil to the shaft bearings and roller tips of the rocker arms for the maximum possible service life. As an added benefit, an additional oiling passage* provides a continuous stream of cooling oil to your valve springs for reduced fatigue and extended spring life. Our shaft mounted rockers also deliver rock-stable valve adjustments with the largest adjuster screw in the business; the oversized 7/16” screw features a 3/16” hex socket-eliminating twisted adjustment keys forever.

Field-tested and proven by experts in every type of racing, COMP Cams® Shaft Mount Aluminum Rocker Arms are the ultimate rocker arm set up for all-out race applications. From NASCAR to professional drag racing, COMP Cams® Shaft Mounted Rocker Arms have proven to be the most effective way to increase valve train stability and eliminate horsepower losses and rocker arm failure.

Chris Potter from COMP Cams explains how a shaft rocker system helps an engine.

“By using a shaft and now multiple fasteners to constrain the rocker arms, each individual rocker is prevented from being able to twist about the bolt axis. This means that the rocker tip geometry maintains better contact with the valve tip, preventing abnormal wear on both components and ensuring that the rocker tip follows the valve tip as designed. This is especially beneficial on the LS3 and LS7 engines, where the intake rocker is offset. This offset design awkwardly loads the rocker arm and adversely affects the contact with the valve tip, causing accelerated wear.”

Besides adding strength, a shaft-mounted rocker system can increase an engine’s ability to perform. There’s a reason you see many high-horsepower engines using a shaft-mounted rocker setup rather than the traditional single bolt system.

“A stiffer rocker arm system decreases the deflection between the camshaft and the valve. More camshaft lift is transferred to valve lift. This means that any given camshaft will act slightly larger, as less of its performance is lost due to parts moving in ways that aren’t desired. The second is that a stiffer rocker system maintains geometry between the rocker pad and the valve tip. By maintaining proper geometry, the rocker can see more lift than it could with the stock trunnion and bolt. Think about it as being able to consistently run .680-inch lift instead of .660-inch lift for long periods without tearing up the rocker pad or valve tip,” Potter says.

LS-based engines use a single bolt to hold the rocker arm to the cylinder head; the system works, however, as you add horsepower it becomes a failure point. Seeing an opportunity for improvement, COMP created the Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System for LSX applications. The cool thing about the BSR system is that it allows you to use a stock GM rocker arm.

“The stock rocker is a very good rocker design at an exceptional price-point. It’s hard to beat its performance. However, it does have shortcomings as a whole system. We’ve sold trunnion upgrades for years to eliminate some of the failure modes of the stock trunnions. The shaft system just improves the system even further with bushings and tying everything together. As mentioned earlier, the extra rigidity also helps us achieve more lift out of the stock rocker without any detriment to the longevity of the rocker or valve tip,” Potter explains.

*Requires valve cover spacer, baffle removal, or aftermarket valve covers.
Precision CNC-machined aluminum rocker bodies
2024 aluminum construction for superior chemical, fatigue and heat resistance
Pressurized rocker tip, shaft bearing and valve spring oiling
Large 7/16” adjuster screw with precision-machine pushrod cup, 3/16” hex socket and super lightweight 12 pt jam nut for easy, secure valve lash adjustments
Hardened steel alloy roller tip and axle for friction-free contact with valve stems
Heat-treated 8620 alloy steel shafts and stands for unmatched rigidity and wear resistance


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COMP CamsĀ® Shaft Mounted Rockers feature 8620 steel pedestals and shafts that have been deep case-hardened and tempered for maximum wear resistance and strength.
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