Comp 15956-16 Short Travel Hyd Race; GM LS1/Warhawk/LSX


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Short Travel Race Lifters; GM LS1/Warhawk/LSX

LS Series Captured Link Bar Retro-Fit Roller Lifter for 1997-Present, Fits Both Factory & RHS®, LSX, Warhawk Blocks, Short Travel, Race Type

• Designed to perform at higher engine speeds

• When equipped with hydraulic lifters, high rpm is limited by improper position of lifter’s internal piston as lifter “pumps up”

• Improper location results in open valves that lead to lost power and possibly engine failure

• Minimize internal piston movement to allow higher engine rpm

With full travel hydraulic lifters in performance engines, higher rpm are often limited by the incorrect positioning of the lifter's internal piston, which inevitably "pumps up" during the engine cycle. This improper location results in open valves and therefore leads to lost horsepower and sometimes even engine failure. With the COMP Cams Short Travel Race Hydraulic Roller Lifters, the patent pending design minimizes internal piston movement to cut down on the open valve issues and allow higher engine rpm and thus increase horsepower.

The surface of these lifters has been black oxided to significantly reduce surface friction, wear and lubrication temperatures. This creates a high performance, high quality component.


Comp 15956-16 Short Travel Hyd Race; GM LS1/Warhawk/LSX
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  • Item #: Comp 15956-16
  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
  • Condition: New
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