Comp 19029-16 (16) Ultra Gold Rocker Arms; 8mm, 1.82 LS3,L92


Comp 19029-16 (16) Ultra Gold Rocker Arms; 8mm, 1.82  LS3,L92

Full Set of (16) Ultra-Gold™ ARC Roller Rockers for GM LS Rectangle Port Head Engines

The original Ultra-Gold™ Aluminum Rockers changed the way racing and high performance street engine builders approached valve train design. Now, COMP Cams® is revolutionizing valve train performance again with the next generation of Ultra-Gold™ ARC Series Aluminum Rocker Arms, featuring an Arced, Recessed, Contoured design. Using cutting-edge design techniques and manufacturing processes, Ultra-Gold™ ARC Rockers increase engine power, enhance valve train stability and improve oiling. Ultra-Gold™ ARC Rockers feature a new extrusion based on improvements developed through FEA analysis, resulting in an even stronger, stiffer body without compromising mass. A new arced channel and contoured top, similar to a bridge design, give the rockers the best strength-to-weight ratio possible. The body has additional CNC contouring to improve clearances for valve covers and springs. Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., all Ultra-Gold™ ARC Series Aluminum Rocker Arms feature a spring oiler channel through the body for improved lubrication. Trunnion retaining clips have been replaced with an ultra durable spiral lock type clip, similar to what holds a piston pin in place. Stress relieving radii have also been added to areas of the body, trunnion and pushrod seat insert.

  • Increase engine power, enhance valve train stability & improve oiling
  • Arced channel & contoured top give the rockers the best strength to weight ratio possible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - Rocker bodies so strong we guarantee them against breakage for life
  • CNC-machined, lightweight design removes weight & yields unrivaled quality and ratio accuracy
  • Precision-sorted trunnion bearings withstand valve spring pressure up to 700 lbs.
  • Designed for high performance street & race engines
      • Non-Adjustable Bolt-On Rockers
      • 1.82 Ratio


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Designed specifically for high performance street and race engines, the Ultra-Gold™ Aluminum Rocker Arms are precision CNC-machined to strict tolerances.
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  • Item #: Comp 19029-16
  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
  • Condition: New
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