Comp 3172KT Adjustable Timing Sets for GM LS3 w/ 58x Reluctor

Comp 3172KT Adjustable Timing Sets for GM LS Non-LS7 Type Gen III/IV Engines w/ 3 Bolt Cam

LS Adjustable Timing Set (Non-LS7 Type Gen III/IV Engines w/ 3 Bolt Cam)


This fully adjustable single roll timing chain is one of the best available for LS engines.  This timing chain also works on LS2 "58X" engines requiring a "4 pole" cam gear.  This timing chain is a drop in installation which requires no grinding or hours of clearance work like double roller chains do. 

• Include induction hardened steel billet gears for bullet proof durability

• Feature infinitely adjustable camshaft sprocket, 6-degree maximum advance/retard

• 3 keyway crank sprocket for additional 4-degree incremental adjustability

• Pre-stretched, heat-treated single roller chain with heavy-duty large pin design; chain available separately

• Torrington roller trust bearing reduces friction

• Ideal for all street performance and race applications


With more and more LS fans switching to a 3-bolt cam for added strength and reliability, there came a need for a 58x 3-bolt timing set to accommodate a late model LS computer. The new COMP Cams® LS Adjustable Timing Set provides super accurate timing and bulletproof reliability with a four pole reluctor and the 58x timing needed to work with late model LS computers. Featuring billet steel sprockets and premium roller chains, these new timing sets are machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment to increase durability and reliability. The machined cam sprocket uses a captured thrust bearing to reduce friction. Side plates are cut and shaved from high strength steel and heat treated for maximum fatigue resistance. The .250" rollers are "cold rolled" and hardened to exacting standards, which increases load and RPM capabilities for maximum performance. Fits all non-LS7 type gen III/IV engines with 3 bolt camshafts.

Comp 3172KT Adjustable Timing Sets for GM LS3 w/ 58x Reluctor
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