Comp 4914 Gen III LS1/LS6 Crankshaft Socket

Use COMP Cams® Crankshaft Sockets To Safely Hand-Rotate Your Engine.

When slipped on the end of a crankshaft, these specially designed 1/2” drive sockets allow you to rotate the engine assembly. These sockets also provide a great way to attach our Part #4790 or #4791 degree wheel to the engine.

Our unique design incorporates a knurled retaining nut that sandwiches the degree wheel and holds it in place. This nut can be loosened while on the crank snout so that the wheel can be turned independent of the engine when finding top dead center.

Comp 4914 Gen III LS1/LS6 Crankshaft Socket
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  • Item #: Comp 4914
  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
  • Condition: New
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