Comp 54-455-11 Very strong torque and excellent response

HYDRAULIC ROLLER-Very strong torque and excellent response. Works best in heavy vehicles, low rpm applications.


LSR™, 265LR HR12
Very Strong Torque & Excellent Response


Part Number: Grind Number:
Lifter Type:
Engine Family:
Cam Family:
Specifications     Intake Exhaust
RPM Range: Valve Lash:
Valve Timing: Duration:
Lobe-Center Angle: Duration @ .050" Lift:
Intake Centerline: Valve Lift:
    Lobe Lift:
Valve Timing @ 0.006  Lift:      
Closes 20
Opens 72
107 Valve Timing Diagram
24 Opens
60 Closes
Recommended Components
ComponentPart Number
Lifter Kit 850-16
Timing Set 3153KT
Rocker Arms 19024-16
Push Rods 7955-16
Valve Springs 26926-16
Steel Retainers 1779-16
Valve Locks 623-16
Spring Locator 4670-16
Camshaft Break-In Lube 159


Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

Common Usage: Mild street performance to mild race
Key Benefits: Modern, aggressive roller profiles, reduced friction, low maintenance, reduced valve train noise, more power than conventional hydraulic flat tappet camshafts
Limitations: Increased cost, limited rpm range


Frequently used in today’s OEM factory engines and mild to moderately aggressive performance engines, hydraulic roller cams use lifters equipped with a roller wheel that tracks along the camshaft lobe, reducing wear and friction, and enabling faster lobe ramp rates than flat tappet cams. These quiet operation lifters feature the same internal design as hydraulic flat tappet lifters with internal cavities and pistons but do not rotate within the lifter bore. Suited for typical street or moderate race engine speeds, the lifters are pre-loaded and do not require a lash setting. Most OEM hydraulic roller camshafts are limited to 6200 rpm and performance aftermarket systems to approximately 6800 rpm. Hydraulic roller lifters require an appropriately selected valve spring to maintain control and avoid lifter float at higher engine rpm. Hydraulic roller lifters can be re-used with multiple camshafts, however they are more costly than any form of flat tappet lifters.




Take advantage of today’s newer and better flowing aftermarket cylinder heads
Feature higher exhaust duration and overall to provide broadest powerband and most top end power of any COMP® LS cam
27 Unique grinds for both cathedral and rectangle port cylinder heads
Important Considerations:
Require 26926-16 high pressure valve springs


Comp 54-455-11 Very strong torque and excellent response. Works best in heavy vehicles, low rpm applications.
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