Comp 7228TS-KIT Conical Valve Spring Kit w/Titanium Retainers

Comp 7228TS-KIT LS Conical Valve Spring Kit w/Titanium Retainers

Complete Kit Allows Installation of Revolutionary Conical Valve Springs on Nearly Any GM LS & Gev V LT

  Conical Valve Spring Kits allow enthusiasts and uilders to better harness the power of popular LS/LT1 Gen V race and street engine applications. Each kit features Conical Valve Springs, valve locks, valve seals, spring seats and either chromemoly steel or high-strength tool steel retainers. The springs’ conical design means that they feature a smaller diameter in the upper half to reduce active mass. These springs are thus effectively smaller and lighter than otherwise possible for similar loads and lifts. The result is a lowering of parasitic horsepower losses, more power, an increased RPM limit, improved stability and the ability to run more aggressive camshafts. The conical design also features progressive frequency which dampens coil oscillations better than any other design naturally. Finally, Superfinish surface processing increases lift capability and spring life. COMP Cams® LS/LT1 Gen V Conical Valve Spring Kits feature all the components needed to install these revolutionary springs with no machine work required.

Quick Facts:

  • Conical design improves power possibilities while naturally controlling oscillations & low-RPM resonance concerns

  • Superfinish surface processing increases both lift capability & spring life

  • Kits include #7228-16 Valve Springs, valve locks, valve seals, spring seats & steel or tool steel retainers

  • Designed for race & performance street applications

  • Works on nearly any LS/LT1 Gen V engine w/ no machining*


  O.D. I.D. Seat Load Open Load  Coil Bind  Rate
Top 1.020" .650" 136@1.800"


1.125" 438
Bottom 1.290" .920"

*All LS/LT1 Gen V applications except LS7.


Comp 7228TS-KIT LS/LT1 Gen V engine Conical Valve Spring Kit w/Titanium Retainers
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  • Item #: Comp 7228TS-KIT
  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
  • Condition: New
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