FAST 301015 XFI 2.0™ Marine ECU w/ NTK O2


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XFI 2.0™ Part # 301015 Marine* ECU Includes

  • Main XFI 2.0™ Marine ECU
  • Wide Band NTK O2 Sensor w/ Wiring Harness
  • 5 Ft. Communications Cable (25Ft. Available Seperately)
  • USB to Serial Converter Cable
  • Chrome XFI™ Badge

*Marine Specifics:

FAST™ engineers worked with professional boat racers to tailor the benefits and advanced controls of XFI 2.0™ to the unique needs of marine applications. First, the ECU was o-ring and conformally sealed to enable marine use. Then marine-specific auxiliary outputs were made. User defined oil pressure, coolant temperature and water pressure alarms can be set to trigger sirens, lights or any other preferred alert. In addition, the engineers upgraded the user interface for power adders, including advanced forced induction, progressive controllability and other advanced marine racing strategies and features. Faster processing means no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for “close enough.” And with a revolutionary new self tuning option, this is the only Marine EFI system that combines easy-to-use features and completely configurable capabilities. The FAST™ XFI 2.0™ Marine accurately balances fuel and spark, allowing you to fine tune and precisely control like never before.

  • ECU is o-ring & conformally sealed for marine use
  • User defined pressure & temperature alarm sets off sirens, lights or any other preferred alert
  • Upgraded user interface for power adders including advanced forced induction & progressive controllability
  • Revolutionary self-tuning option combines easy-to-use features & completely configurable capabilities


The XFI 2.0™ uses the latest in flash microprocessor technology to deliver a significant increase in processing speed. This means the XFI™ can process, analyze and adjust four times faster than previous EFI systems. In addition, a surface mount component circuit board and billet ECU enclosure give the XFI™ superior durability. And to simplify installation, FAST™ offers engine-specific XFI 2.0™ Wiring Harnesses featuring clearly labeled connections.

Software Advances

The C-Com XFI™ Windows-based software is easy to navigate and incorporates several previously unavailable features, such as field flashable capabilities that enable you to download the latest software updates via email or directly from the FAST™ website. Stay current without ever removing the XFI 2.0™ from your vehicle.

Special Features

The XFI 2.0™ features Qwik Tune™ Technology, which allows ECU programming without a laptop. Preprogram up to four different EFI MAPs, and select the tune-up you need with the flick of an in-car switch. Optimize one setting for everyday driving, others for racing conditions and still another for improved fuel economy. Other features include on-board diagnostics, EZ Test™ Indicator Lights, five bar MAP sensing and controls for your power adder and torque converter. The XFI 2.0™ also offers enhanced data logging capabilities and memory for analyzing up to 8 additional monitored inputs.

Standard Features Include:

Built-in wide-band O2 • Fully sequential or bank-to-bank capability • Individual cylinder correction • Fan and fuel pump control • Dynamic scaling of vectors in 2D & 3D tables • Scalable TPS, air temp, water temp and MAP calibrations • 1, 2, 3 and 5 bar MAP capability • Spare user definable inputs/outputs for miscellaneous functions, such as shift light output, auxiliary fan control and EGT monitoring • Torque converter lockup control • Air conditioning wide-open throttle cutout • Boost control • Enhanced 4 stage power adder controls • Multiple calibration stored in ECU w/ switching capability • L-key function for easy steady-state table correction using wide-band • On-board diagnostics • Fuel and oil pressure logging • Adjustable injector timing • Multiple ignition strategies, such as HEI, DIS, TFI, Ford EDIS, IPU (inductive or discreet/hall effect)

Features NEW to XFI 2.0™

Adjustable battery voltage injector opening correction table • Fixed timing test mode for easy verification of ignition timing accuracy • Spark vs. coolant temp offset table • Configurable target air fuel offset table vs. coolant temp. table offset: more accurate warm-up enrichment • Selectable safety feature deactivates power adders in event of fault code • Automatic and manual TPS calibration modes • Additional transbrake control features • Improved on-board diagnostics

FAST 301015 XFI 2.0™ Marine ECU w/ NTK O2
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  • Item #: FAST 301015
  • Manufacturer: FAST
  • Condition: New
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