FAST 307502 Complete Fuel System, Up to 550 HP Fuel System Kit

FAST™ has taken the next step in making EFI (electronic fuel injection) easier with these FAST™ Complete Fuel System Kits. These kits cover all street performance applications and most bracket & super class drag racing categories. The fuel system kit is the perfect product for those switching from carburetion to EFI, building new EFI engines or simply upgrading their current fuel system.

The FAST™ Complete Fuel System Kits are a component-matched systems. With one part number, the FAST™ kits includes everything you need to supply your state-of-the-art high performance, EFI-equipped engine. Part #307500 supports up to 700 hp forced induction (supercharger, turbocharger, etc.) engines or 1000 hp naturally aspirated. Part #307501 supports up to 1400 hp forced induction engines or 1900 hp naturally aspirated.

The FAST™ kits includes fuel pump, fuel filter, Y-block and fuel regulator, as well as the system fittings and wiring harness. Best of all, the components used to create the FAST™ Complete Fuel System Kits are made of aluminum and stainless steel to ensure years of long, trouble-free service.




FAST 307502 Complete Fuel System Kits, Up to 600 HP Fuel System Kit
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  • Item #: FAST 307502
  • Manufacturer: FAST
  • Condition: New
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