Fragola 602010 PTFE Lined, Braided Stainless Steel, -10 AN 20 ft

Fragola 602010 PTFE Lined, Braided Stainless Steel, -10 AN, 20 ft

Hose Size: -10 AN
PTFE Lined: Yes
Hose Length (ft): 20.000
Outer Material: Braided stainless steel
Hose Color: Natural
Hose Material: PTFE
Hose Inside Diameter (in): 0.500 in.
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 2,000 psi
Quantity: Sold individually.

Fragola Performance Systems takes hose just as seriously as it takes hose ends. Series 6000 P.T.F.E.-lined stainless hose is manufactured to the highest quality standards for years of trouble-free service, even under high pressure. A tough PTFE inner layer is covered with a layer of woven stainless steel to create the perfect hose for your highly corrosive application. This ideal P.T.F.E. stainless hose is compatible with brake fluid, power steering fluid, hot oil, and can handle nitrous oxide with ease. Fragola Series 6000 P.T.F.E stainless hose is made in the USA in assorted sizes and lengths to perfectly fit your application.

At Brute Speed we have seen the inner lining of standard stainless braided line break down and become soft, often clogging fuel filters.  As a result of the additives that are put in todays fuels, PTFE line is all we use. The smell of fuel won't leach out of PTFE line like it will from standard braided line, this is a real problem with the higher fuel pressure of todays fuel injected systems.

Fragola 602010 PTFE Lined, Braided Stainless Steel, -10 AN 20 ft
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  • Item #: Fragola 602010
  • Manufacturer: Fragola Performance Systems
  • Condition: New
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