Monster Clutch Co. Gen 5 Camaro Ceramic Race 11" Clutch 850


Monster Clutch Co. Gen 5 Camaro 11" Ceramic Race Clutch Package 850 HP/TQ

Product Description

We call them awesome, plain and simple. They are the best 11" units you can get for the LSx market! How does a holding capacity of 850hp/tq sound?

You take a little over 3500 lbs of plate load, mix it with our ceramic friction material, and you come up with a clutch that can take a tremendous amount of abuse and still have street manners! The 11" series is our lighter weight option clutch that will hold the power and abuse. These units fit perfectly in all aftermarket bellhousings, including the Quicktime, and are great for someone looking to make a ton of power while keeping the pedal effort down. Keep in mind that there are some trade offs for the smaller diameter. This unit will chatter on occasion due to the reduced diameter, the pedal effort on stock hydraulics is 8% stiffer than stock, and like our other clutches you will find the weak links in the drivetrain! Don't let the warnings fool you though as we've got numerous units on the street being daily driven without issue, if you don't mind some chatter then look no further!

This clutch is rated at 850hp/tq. It’ll take as much of your 850hp/tq as you can throw at it. The material on this clutch, mixed with our 11" pressure plate, will make for one serious street clutch. Don’t fear it, you can drive it daily and it won’t make your left calf muscle bigger than the right one. Warning: This clutch will find weak points in the drive train, if you have an inadequate drive train there will be failures!

Note from the owner -

We've been notified and have noticed a rash of people attempting to copy or duplicate our clutches. You can rest assured that all Monster Clutch frictions, plates and flywheels are made right here in the good ole' USA. We don't use inferior parts, we use the real thing. All of our pieces are under contract by engineers and cannot be sold or offered to anyone else. This protects your investment as a purchaser to know that not just anyone can get what you have. Note who you are buying it from, if it's not directly through us or one of our many dealers and distributors worldwide be cautious! Make sure your Monster is the genuine thing, beware of imitators!

Our Basic Package includes the following:

Race pressure plate, 11" ceramic clutch disc, 28lbs SFI certified billet steel flywheel or a 18lb lightweight flywheel (your choice), pilot bearing, release bearing, and alignment tool.
Monster Clutch Co. Gen 5 Camaro Ceramic Race 11" Clutch 850
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  • Item #: Monster Ceramic Race Gen 5 11"
  • Manufacturer: Monster Clutch Co.
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