Monster Clutch Co. Gen 5 Camaro Level 1 Twin Disc 700


Monster Clutch Co. Level 1 Twin Disc Gen 5 Camaro Clutch Package 700 HP/TQ

Product Description

FINALLY!!!! We are very proud to announce our twin disc lineup for the GM LSx based platforms!

At two plus years in the making we're not screwing around. These things have to be an improvement upon our already incredibly popular singles and push the envelope of the twin disc market beyond what most of you are used to. You won't find any stamped steel import pressure plates stacked on top of two discs, you're not going to find any sub par parts inside, all you're getting is American made quality that will handle the rigors of daily driving and track abuse.

The Level 1 Twin is the entry level unit that will hold 700 rwhp/rwtq and still provide excellent driving charateristics. This isn't something that is going to drive like stock and fail like stock, this is a clutch that is designed and tested to be abused and still be driven daily without any issues.

Below are some key elements to our Level 1 Twin

• One piece billet aluminum covers
4140 floater and pressure plates

• Progressive rate diaphragm springs (Very important! We don't use "break over" type springs on our twins, this means you have a steady pedal pressure and ZERO high rpm shifting issues as these have been tested to 10,000 rpm)

• Carbon Organic Friction Material for long life and good holding capacity

• Balanced from us as an assembly
Tested and proven at rated hp/tq, no gimics or bs!
• Billet Steel flywheels with two weight options (28# for the masses and 18# for the crazy road racing/autocross guys that are looking for the lowest MOI possible)

• Fully rebuildable for less than $500 (Rebuilding your clutch also resets your 2 year warranty!)

• An actual stable feeling clutch pedal (Gone are the days of the puny clutch pedal that has no feedback and gets limp when you're using and abusing it, our diaphragms give steady pressure every time!)

Our new billet aluminum twin discs are designed, tested, built, and assemebled here in house to the strictist tolerances to ensure you guys are getting your monies worth. We're so confident in our new twins that we put a TWO YEAR warranty on these units, that's yet another industry first from Monster Clutch! With the ability to hold 700-1500 rwhp and rwtq we're confident we've got a twin for you. Every part of the clutch is made in the United States of America, absolutely nothing on these units are brought in from overseas. We feel these are the best twin disc units on the market, bar none.

Monster Clutch Co. Gen 5 Camaro Level 1 Twin Disc 700
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  • Item #: Monster Gen 5 Level 1 Twin Disc
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