Moser 12B411M - 12 Bolt 4.11 P/S Gear -- Motive Gear


Product Description

Rear End Type: 12-Bolt
Ratio: 4.11:1
Material: 8620
Mfg #: G888411
Pinion: 30 Spline
Carrier: 4 - Series
Pro/Street Motive Gear Line

Moser Engineering stocks a full line of ring and pinion gears to fit most popular rears. These gears are CAD designed, CNC machined and computer control heat-treated to ensure you receive the highest quality and best performing gears on the market. We stock two types of ring and pinion gears: Pro Street gears are street/strip gears that are capable of handling most applications. Competition gears, also known as Pro gears, are meant for only drag strip applications and should not be used on the street.
Moser 12B411M - 12 Bolt 4.11 P/S Gear -- Motive Gear
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  • Item #: Moser 12B411M
  • Manufacturer: Moser Engineering
  • Condition: New
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Price $179.68

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