Moser 5TL9F31 - Trac-Loc 9" Ford-- 31 Spline

Moser 5TL9F31 - Trac-Loc 9" Ford-- 31 Spline

Trac-Loc Posi

Application: Ford
Ring Gear Diameter: 9"
Carrier: All Ratios
Side Gear Spline: 31 Teeth

Product Description

The Trac-Loc Limited Slip Differential is designed as a direct replacement for the hard to find expensive OEM unit, or for those enthusiasts desiring to convert to a limited slip. Available for 9 Ford rear ends, this nodular steel casting is totally rebuildable, includes nickel steel side gears and pinion gears, and multiple plate 360-degree steel clutches. This extremely tough and durable differential houses 400-ft/lb static springs, and is capable of 150 lb. braking torque. Available in 28 or 31 spline. Made in the U.S.A.

Moser has changed their website to reflect the Motul gear oil as their recommended fluid for all gear type LSD’s (this includes Truetrac’s). Gear type units require friction to work properly. Most aftermarket oils have additives that helps to alleviate heat, wear and prolong life. In doing so these additives minimize friction causing gear driven units to be less efficient and sometimes fail completely.


Part#                            Description                                   

MUT-100118                 Gear 300 75W90 Synthetic                   

MUT-101161                 Gear Competition 75W140 Synthetic   



Moser 5TL9F31 - Trac-Loc 9" Ford-- 31 Spline
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  • Item #: Moser 5TL9F31
  • Manufacturer: Moser Engineering
  • Condition: New
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