Moser 6200-12381 Dynamic Rear Drag Brake Kit - Big 2.36 Offset

Moser 6200-12381 - Moser Performance Dual Caliper Dynamic Rear Drag Brake Kit - Big Ford (Old Style--2.36" Offset)

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Kit Summary:
Rear End Axle: Big Ford
Axle Offset: 2.36"
Mount Type: 5 X 4 1/2" & 5 X 4 3/4" (.500" hole)
Caliper Type: Billet - 4 Piston - Black Anodize
Piston Diameter; 1.75"
Rotor Diameter: 11.44"
Wheel Diameter: 15"
Hub: 3.060"
Flange OD: 6.200"
Pads: Hawk HP PLUS (HB204N.615)

Product Description

Moser Engineering announces the release of a revolutionary new standard for safety and performance in pro drag disc brake kits. We started with a clean sheet of paper when it came to the R&D of this caliper, rotor and hat design. Beginning with the caliper, Moser Engineering designed a competition race series 4 piston aluminum anodized forged billet caliper made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum instead of a cheaper cast caliper. The anodized calipers help eliminate corrosion and preventable wear. A dual pin is used for pad retention and o-rings are used to eliminate pad chatter. Stainless steel pistons & Teflon coated one piece bleeder screws are included in the design with dual crossover ports for quicker fluid release on the outboard pistons. Another Moser feature is the caliper and rotor design that allow for 25% more pad contact area than other calipers and allow for a 20% thicker pad than most of the competition. The kit ships with industry leading Hawk HP PLUS pads that lean on their years of expertise in racing brake pad design and compounds. For the revolutionary rotor/hat design we designed a 2 piece keyed, slotted and drilled rotor combined with a hat that utilizes a spiral retaining ring to help allow more radial growth during high temp cycles than the competing designs already in the market. This helps to reduce the sticking, warping and belvilleing that occur in most other designs under heavy braking. Our Caliper along with the keyed rotor and hat design has over 4 years of R&D and track testing to assure reliability and performance. Ask any racer who is using these kits and you will find that this kit instills confidence like no other kit on the market. So when you are looking for the new standard in Race Ready Pro Disc Brake Kits contact Moser Engineering.


Moser 6200-12381 - Moser Performance Dual Caliper Dynamic Rear Drag Brake Kit - Big Ford (Old Style--2.36" Offset)
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  • Item #: Moser 6200-12381
  • Manufacturer: Moser Engineering
  • Condition: New
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