Moser 9 Inch with Spool for 82-02 F Body

1992 - 2002 Camaro and Firebird (F Body) Moser 9 Inch Rearend with Moser Spool and 35 spline axles.



Moser Engineering builds the strongest center sections available in the marketplace. Moser gives you many options from a Moser Stock Case to an Aluminum Thru-bolt design all the way up to our Strongest Nodular case that can handle it all. Build the Center Section that you need and get that power to the ground. All our cases are good for street and or strip use.


Moser's Custom built 9", 9 1/2" & 10" FORD Center Sections are completely assembled and shipped in a specially designed plastic case. Solid Pinion Shims are used instead of the weaker crush sleeves. All units are assembled with special calibrated "Torque Guns", which means no impact guns that will hammer and flat spot bearings and no guessing on your pinion nut torque setting! Each pinion is specifically torqued to the gear manufactures stated setting.

All Center Sections are assembled with the following Moser Engineering designed and manufactured in the USA components;
  • Cases
  • Pinion Supports
  • Pinion Yokes
  • Spools
Items that are part of the Center Section that are assembled but sourced from an outside supplier which may or may not be made is the USA;
  • Bearings & Seals
  • Fasteners (all grade 8)
  • Limited Slip Differentials
  • Ring & Pinions (Gears) - Moser Engineering does not manufacture any gears! These are sourced but not limited to the following suppliers; US Gear, Hoosier Gear, Motive/Richmond Gear & Yukon Gear
  • Stealth Series US Gear; "We set out to develop the next generation of aftermarket Ford 9" gears starting with a brand new design and utilizing the best manufacturing processes. Our new 9" Ford STEALTH® Series gears utilize the most advanced gear cutting technology, known as face hobbing. It's a different gear cutting method that creates a continuous and more consistent cut on all teeth of the ring and pinion at the same time. The heel and toe of each gear tooth are now the same height, which helps create a consistent pattern and improves the tooth to tooth contact."


**Light Weight Aluminum Spools and Pinion Yokes are designed to be used in light weight racing applications (<2000 lbs.) only! These items also are considered wear items and should be monitored and replaced periodically.

*This item will ship two business days after online transaction is completed unless you have requested powder coating this service will add an 2 - 3 days to the process. 

NOTE: for 35 & 40 Spline Steel Spool applications, if you are replacing a Mark Williams or other manufactures spool check your spline location! The Moser Standard Steel Spools have splines are located inboard not out under the bearings like Mark Williams and other manufactures, your passenger side axle will be too short and not engage the spool. Please select "Pro Steel 40 Spline Spool" at the bottom of the "Differential Options" if you have determined you have a 40 spline spool that fits this criteria.




The Moser steel spool locks both axles together.  It is lighter than a differential, cost less, and with a spool you always know both rear tires are going to turn.  A spool is generally recommended for only dragstrip cars, although we have put spools in a lot of street cars without any problems.  If your car spends most of it's time on highways or rural country roads, then you might want to consider a spool.  The only time I normally notice when I am driving a car with a spool is when I make left or right turns in intersections.  The inner tire will scrub, which does accelerate tire wear. If your car spends a lot of time in an inner city environment, then I would stay away from a spool.  Parallel parking with a spool is not impossible, but it does require a lot more finesse to get the job done.  I know, as I tried it several years ago to see if it could be done.  If you try to do a u-turn with a car with a spool, you'll find you cannot turn nearly as tight.  The car will want to continue to plow forward instead of turning, which is called understeering.

Includes 9 in. Center Section, Housing, M/E Custom Alloy Axles, wheel bearings, wheel studs, retainer plates, Pro Street gears, 1350 series pinion yoke, torque arm bracket and nodular iron case.  It basically includes everything you need, ready to bolt-on.  You will need a driveshaft, gear oil and vacuum line for the breather.


Free Shipping!

Rears are shipped just two days after the rear is ordered! Please allow two extra days if you order the rear with the optional powdercoating.

 If you find a lower price I want to know about it! I'll match or beat any legitimate price you find

Swaybar brackets are now included at Brute Speed for no charge

Two 6BLCLAMPS (brake line clamps) are now included for no charge

Aluminum Pinion Support comes standard at Brute Speed

LCA Relocation Brackets are included for no charge

10 Bolt, 12 Bolt and 9 inch Information

The factory 10 bolt that came in these cars has a very small 7.5" gear.  A variation of this rear was used back in the '70's in the Chevy Monza, then in the Chevy S-10.  GM had to of known they would have warranty claims when they decided to use this rear in the 3rd and 4th gen f body's, apparently the cost of creating a stronger rear was higher than what they thought the warranty cost would be.  This has been a real plus for the aftermarket, as a bone stock LS1 F Body with a manual transmission can break one of these 10 bolt rears!  Many people have tried to beef these 10 bolt rears, spending a lot of money in the process.  What they normally end up with is a rear that still breaks, as everything on these rears is too small.
The 12 bolt rears that are available for these cars is a step in the right direction.  The 12 bolts are well known for being a stout rear that was a factory option back in the day in many performance cars.  You can have a 12 bolt in an early Chevelle, Nova, Camaro, etc, and beat the snot out of it and not hurt anything.  Put a 12 bolt into a late model f body that uses a torque arm, make a couple 4000 to 5000 rpm launches at the dragstrip, and I can just about guarantee you'll have a lot more gear noise on the way home.  The torque arm seems to distort the housing on the 12 bolts, and it seems to happen to all the brands of 12 bolt rears.  This does not happen to the 9 inch rears, and there is no price difference between the 12 bolt and nine inch rears.  As the horsepower in our engines keep escalating, most people these days go straight to the nine inch rear.  The 9-inch has an internal rear-pinion support that also supports the gear end of the pinion to limit gear deflection under high torque loads.  This seems to be the major reason why the 9 inch doesn't start whining after high rpm clutch dumps, when the 12 bolt will pick up noise.  The 9-inch locates its pinion gear lower on the ring gear to improve tooth contact, better the 12 bolt does.  The 9-inch also has a 0.125-inch larger ring-gear diameter and internal pinion support than the 12 bolt.


3rd Gen Owners (1982-1992)

You won't be able to reuse your factory 3rd gen brakes with a Moser rear end. You will either have to use GM 4th gen brakes, Moser's brake option that is available here down in the option list, or other aftermarket brakes.


Moser 9 Inch with Spool for 82-02 F Body
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