Moser A102806 - 10 Bolt 28 spline 95-02 F Body 4 Channel ABS

Part # A102806 - 10 Bolt 28 spline - Fits 1995-02 Camaro and Trans-Am w/ 4 Channel ABS

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*Prepped for OEM Reluctor Rings - 4 Channel

Product Description

Part #: A102806 (1-Pair)
Mfg: GM
Model: Camaro, Firebird
Year: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Rear End: 10-Bolt 7.5" & 7.5625"
Spline Count: 28
Length: 32" long,
Bolt Pattern(s): (2) 5 x 4 ¾” (.505” Knurl press-in & 1/2” X 20 threaded)

Reluctor rings are not included, you reuse your old reluctor rings.

Note: Studs are not included with these axles, the axles are drilled with 2 patterns (one for the stock 12mm press-in stud and one drilled and tapped for the use of ½” X 20 Screw-in Studs). 1/2" studs will fit your stock wheels even though they are slightly larger in diameter. This makes them much stronger than the factory 12mm studs. You'll have to buy new lug nuts but it is well worth it. 

These forged steel street axles for your stock OEM application are non-tapered, with hardened & ground bearing seats and machined c-clip grooves.
Our replacement c-clip axles are available in any length up to 37”. If you choose to narrow your rear end at a later time, these axles can also be shortened and resplined.




3 channel / 4 channel

Our cars came with either ABS (automatic braking system) or with ABS and the optional TCS (traction control system) ABS is called 3 channel, ABS/TCS is called 4 channel.  ABS has the connection routed into the top of the center section.  ABS/TCS has the connection outboard toward the ends of the rear end.  4 channel traction control started with the 1995 models.  Except for the machined area for the ring, 3 & 4 channel axles are dimensionally identical.

The 10 bolt rear in the above picture has the 3 channel option, which has an ABS plug on top of the housing.


The 10 bolt in the above picture is equipped with the 4 channel option, which has a plug that goes into the backing plate.

Moser A102806 - 10 Bolt 28 spline 93-02 F Body 4 Channel ABS
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  • Item #: Moser A102806
  • Manufacturer: Moser Engineering
  • Condition: New
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