Moser M9HPGTO GTO M9 Rear-End Package

Moser M9HPGTO GTO/Holden M9 Rear-End Package

Adding aggressive off the line Horsepower to your 2004-06 GTO or Holden? Look no further; the Moser M9 Torque Arm Assembly will handle all you can throw at it! 

This package includes the highest quality fabricated housing on the planet utilizing a one piece triangulated housing, 3/8" face-plate, gussets, bulk heads and each one is individually hand welded by the finest fabricating craftsmen in the industry. The Torque Arm in made from 1.25" OD, 4130 chrome-moly tubing, all joints and connections including the 4130 chrome-moly threaded tube adapters are TIG welded. The 1 3/4" x .095" chrome-moly Cross member with integral torque arm mounting system further enhances the overall strength and integrity of the entire assembly.

Package includes;
Moser M9 Fabricated Housing, Moser Custom Alloy Axles (up to 35 Spline), Bearing & Stud Package (Sealed Ball Bearings & up to 1/2" diameter Studs), Torque Arm, Cross-Member, Control Arms, Sway Bar, Pan-Hard Bar, Afco Single (Double adjustable is an option) Adjustable Shocks, 2 5/8" Diameter 12" Springs, Driveshaft Loop, Heim Joints, Rod Ends and all associated mounting hardware, Moser Drain and Fill Plugs are included.

Moser center sections are an option


SOME FABRICATION/WELDING IS REQUIRED, See instructions before ordering at bottom of page!


Product will ship within 7-10 business days

2004-2006 M9 GTO (HOLDEN) Housing & Axle Package

Perfect Drag Racing Setup for 10 Second (1/4 mile) & faster cars

The Industries Strongest Torque Arm Assembly

Adjustable Intersect Points on Transmission Cross Member

Chrome-Moly Torque Arm

TIG Welded Torque Arm & Cross-Member for Superior Strength

Suspension items come Powder Coated

Note that stock brakes cannot be reused, aftermarket brakes are mandatory

Better Material, Better Production, Better Performance!

The Moser M9 Torque Arm utilizes a unique Sliding front mount that allows the Torque Arm to move freely without binding, which would impair the overall handling of the car. The front slider has a grease zert installed which allows for periodic lubrication maintenance.

The Torque Arm itself mounts proprietorially to the M9 Housing via 3/16" thick mounting tabs with two 3/4"-16 NFT x 5/8" Bore x 7/8" thick solid Steel Rod Ends. The Pinion Angle Adjuster, located between the bottom rear Solid Rod End and the bottom rear Torque Arm Tube, makes not only finding the correct pinion angle simple, but enhances the overall strength of the unit. The procedure for adjustemnt is simple, turn the adjuster ring and the angle can be changed up to 6 degreees!

This assembly is patterned after the same style setup used in today's Pro Mod cars.

The Moser M9 Torque Arm assembly is not intended for the daily driver as it is all solid mounting components which provides no give and is typically too harsh and loud for expected daily driving expectations.

Moser nodular iron center sections and aluminum center sections are available at the bottom of this page. The aluminum center section saves 14 pounds of weight, and is perfectly at home on the street as well as the dragstrip.

The very first Moser M9 that was produced by Moser for the Camaro and Firebird, was installed in Bob's 1999 Camaro in 2007. This Camaro was quickly cutting 1.29 60 ft times on M/T dot 325/50/15 drag radials. The picture below was taken at Muncie Dragway when we had entered the Camaro in a wheel stand competition. We adjusted the BMR front suspension (apparently too loose) loose, and it stood up on the parachute mount.







The Moser anti roll bar is shown in this picture. This anti roll bar should only be used for very limited street use, and is the hot ticket for launching straight off the starting line

Moser incorporated a driveshaft safety loop into the transmission crossmember

Shown are the double mounting points at the rear for the chrome moly torque arm.
You can supply your own center section, or the rear can be ordered with a Moser center section. See the options for center sections

The Moser lower control arms can be seen in these two pictures

Note that stock brakes cannot be reused, aftermarket brakes are mandatory

Adjustable lower control arm relocation brackets come as standard equipment with our Moser M9 rear. This picture shows the older three hole lca brackets, the newer ones have hour holes

There is plenty of room for dual exhaust

The Moser supplied adjustable panhard bar is shown towards the top of the picture. The oil fill for the Moser M9 rear can also be seen towards the top of the housing. A backbrace is included, not shown in this picture. The backbrace is shown in the very first picture

The front crossmember is designed to be easily welded to the chassis

The excellent telescopic chrome moly torque arm prevents binding

Shown is the front multi adjustable mounting point for the torque arm.
The torque arm can telescope back and forth just behind the front mount, which prevents any possibility of binding

Afco single adjustable shocks and springs are now supplied with these rears. Picture shows HAL/QA1 shocks


M/T 325/50/R15's were used on this GTO




Bare Moser M9 Housing  74lbs

Moser Aluminum Thru-Bolt Centersection with 40S Spool and 3.25R/P  59lbs

Left side 40S Axle with backing plate and E Brake housing  24lbs

Right side 40S Axle with backing plate and E Brake housing 26.5lbs

Torque Arm with all 3 Heim joints and bolts  19lbs

Moser LCA's with Heim joints  6lbs

Moser Panhard Bar with Heim joints 5lbs

Complete Moser M9 with 40spline axles and aluminum Center Section and Spool = 183.5lbs including the E Brake set-up. E Brake is roughly 10lbs total for both housings.


Installation instructions

Moser M9HPGTO GTO M9 Rear-End Package. Perfect Drag Racing Setup for 10 Second (1/4 mile) & faster cars.
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