PST C53.5 3-1/2" 125 Wall Alum-12mm - 1000 Hp Rating

PST C53.5    3-1/2" 125 Wall Alum-12mm -  1000 Hp Rating

Comes with 3 finger flange on each end with 12mm holes


Our torque tube driveshafts are made from 3.5"x.125" wall 6061-T6 aluminum and uses our own custom machined ends. This will ensure the shaft will not distort or break like the factory units. The factory shaft is made from a smaller tube (there are 2 different types) and will flex and actually bend during hard acceleration, causing the rubber drives to wear out prematurely.

Street - Strip Aluminum Driveshafts. 1000 HP Rating!

Product Description

  Tubing is Factory Straightened to .010″ total runout at the center of the tube.  Tube yokes are welded to within .006″ runout on each end.  The shafts are Electronically Computer Balanced to less than 1/8 Oz/Inch, as an assembly, assuring smooth operation at the Big end as well out of the hole.

Critical Speed is calculated on each shaft to insure your Safety and Ultimate Shaft longevity.  We recommend the 3.5″ shaft in most cases to 1000 Horse Power.  The shafts are given a brushed finish.


PST C53.5 3-1/2" 125 Wall Alum-12mm - 1000 Hp Rating
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  • Item #: PST C53.5
  • Manufacturer: Precision Shaft Technologies
  • Condition: New
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