PST DRCM3 3.00" Chromoly 1350 Series with Forged Slip Yoke

PST DRCM3 3.00" Chromoly 1350 Series with PST Forged Slip Yoke

Chromoly Driveshafts Chromoly Steel Drag Race Shaft 3″ X095″


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Product Description

3″ or Chromoly Shaft with 1350 Series “Gold” Cryo treated Solid U-joints are built under the most Stringent Tolerances in the industry.   Tubing is Hydraulically Straightened to .005″ total runout at the center of the tube.  Tube yokes are welded to within .006″ runout on each end.  The shafts are Electronically Computer Balanced to less than 1/8 oz. Inch, as an assembly, assuring smooth operation at the Big end as well out of the hole.

Critical Speed is calculated on each shaft to insure your Safety and Ultimate Shaft longevity.  The shafts are SFI Certifiable, proven to withstand 2800ft/lbs. of Torque by an independent testing facility.

The shafts are recommended for Drag Race cars over 1200 Horse Power, they are the strongest steel shaft available with heavy duty Chromoly tube yokes. You may want to consider a Spicer U-joint upgrade.

 I ship out these driveshafts with the stronger STRANGE Forged Chromoly Yoke, this is an upgrade from the standard yoke but I now automatically include it. This driveshaft comes with a much better yoke than the driveshafts that are often found with a chinese made yoke that have a pn# CAM798 on them. The CAM798 yokes are known to break on cars with less than 500 hp. 

If you are buying this driveshaft for a 93-02 Camaro or Firebird, with either an M6 (manual) or 4L60E (automatic) transmission, we know the length that is normally required, provided: We base the length on whether you have a 10 bolt, 12 bolt, or 9 inch. It is recommended you measure from the back of the tailshaft to the centerline of the rear yoke, and provide us with the dimension you come up with. The rear has to be in the loaded position when you measure for the driveshaft. Brute Speed is not responsible for any added cost that may occur if you do not measure for the driveshaft, and the length ends up being wrong. Both automatic and manual transmissions use the same yoke and the driveshaft length is the same for both transmissions.

Driveshaft Measurements


If PST is supplying you with transmission slip yoke and driveshaft measure Dim X. 


 Note that to get these measurements the rearend needs to be in the loaded position, as in when the vehicle is being driven.  DO NOT take measurements if the rear is hanging down loose.


Identify Transmission

Chrysler – Dodge
727 – 30 Spline 1 11/16″ Seal Diameter
904 – 26 Spline 1 9/16″ Seal Diameter

C6-T56 – 31 Spline 1 11/16″ Seal Diameter
AOD & C4 & T5 – 28 Spline 1 1/2″ Seal Diameter
4 R 7OW – 28 Spline 1.598″ Seal Diameter

General Motors
T-350 700R4-4LLOE – 27 Spline 1 1/2″ Seal Diameter
T-400-4L80E – 32 Spline 1 7/8″ Seal Diameter

Note: Transmission slip yokes are manufactured with various U-Joint Series. It is important to match Horsepower and Torque requirements to U-Joint Series. For aftermarket transmission applications usually a spline count and seal diameter will identify slip yoke required.


Identify Rear U-Joint


If Pinion Yoke has Placement tabs that retain the U-Joint, measure inside tabs. See Diagram D.


If Pinion Yoke does not have Placement Tabs that retain U-Joint, measure from flat of yoke inside to inside. See Diagram E.


If 4 bolt Flange is used on pinion, measure Pilot Diameter and center to center diagonally bolt hole to bolt hole. See Diagram L.


Universal Joint Size. There are hundreds of U-Joint sizes or “Series” to accomodate many different applications of power and desired longevity for your automotive, 4×4 truck or auto racing requirements, these 4 series of joints cover most needs.

1310 Spicer Series: 1 1/16″ Cup Diameter (Dim C – Diagram A) 3 7/32″ length (Dim B – Diagram A) Certain Ford applications have 2 cups 1 1/8 Diameter. Appropriate horse power range is up to 500 in circle track or road racing, small tire drag racing and 4×4. Also available: Performance Dynamic Cryo Joint.

1330 Spicer Series: 1 1/16″ Cup Diameter (Dim C – Diagram A) 3 5/8″ length (Dim B – Diagram A) Certain Ford applications have 2 cups 1 1/8 Diameter. Slightly stronger than 1310, Used in 5.0 Mustangs. Also available: Performance Dynamic Cryo Joint.

3R Saginaw Series: 1 1/8″ Cup Diameter (Dim C – Diagram A) Retained with internal clip 2 5/8″ (Dim B – Diagram A). Most common GM joint. Horse power range up to 700 in road racing and circle track. Solid drag racing U-Joint can accomodate most sportsman classes. Also available: Performance Dynamic Cryo Joint.

1350 Spicer Series: Manufactured with OEM tolerances and treated with our Cryogenic Process to yeild the strongest U-Joint available. For drag racing applications a solid non-lube design U-Joint is recommended because of the tremendous initial shock load, or short duration of high torque the joint must be able to withstand.


                       How tight should I tighten my u-bolts?

1310 series and 1330 series should be tightened to 17 ft/lbs and 1350 series to 20 ft/lbs. You should never tighten the nuts on any u-bolt excessively. This will cause the cap to distort and the u-joint will fail prematurely.
PST DRCM3 3.00" Chromoly 1350 Series with Forged Slip Yoke
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