PST MA35 3.5″ Aluminum 05-14 Mustang GT 500 Shaft

PST MA35 3.5″ Aluminum 05-14 Mustang GT 500 Shaft


PST Builds the highest quality Mustang one piece replacement shaft available, using genuine GKN High Performance CV joints at the differential. The design of the CV joint creates a stable shaft at all load ranges and RPM, unlike a slip and spline arrangement which must have “Slop” built into it to operate. The CV joint is a Heavy Duty version of the OE joint that the late Model Mustangs employ.

The shafts have been tested over 150 MPH with smooth results throughout the entire speed range. PST shafts are direct bolt in, no adapters that frequently cause problems. Each shaft is built specifically for your car, all suspension modifications should be complete before measuring for the shaft. We require a measurement from the transmission to the front edge of the CV cup. 51″ is most common but we have seen variations of over 1/2″. Please specify Manual or Automatic Transmission.

Tubing is Factory Straightened to .010″ total runout at the center of the tube.  The CV  joint stub and the tube yoke are welded to within .004″ runout on each end.  The shafts are electronically Computer balanced to less than 1/8 Oz/in, as an assembly, assuring smooth operation at high speed, on the track or the street.  The shaft is rated at 1000 HP and a top critical speed of 7800 RPM.


Please put in the notes section the make and model and year of the car, along with the above dimension.

Note that to get these measurements the rearend needs to be in the loaded position, as in when the vehicle is being driven.  DO NOT take measurements if the rear is hanging down loose.

Chrysler – Dodge
727 – 30 Spline 1 11/16″ Seal Diameter
904 – 26 Spline 1 9/16″ Seal Diameter

C6-T56 – 31 Spline 1 11/16″ Seal Diameter
AOD & C4 & T5 – 28 Spline 1 1/2″ Seal Diameter
4 R 7OW – 28 Spline 1.598″ Seal Diameter

General Motors
T-350 700R4-4LLOE – 27 Spline 1 1/2″ Seal Diameter
T-400-4L80E – 32 Spline 1 7/8″ Seal Diameter

Note: Transmission slip yokes are manufactured with various U-Joint Series. It is important to match Horsepower and Torque requirements to U-Joint Series. For aftermarket transmission applications usually a spline count and seal diameter will identify slip yoke required.


Identify Rear U-Joint


If Pinion Yoke has Placement tabs that retain the U-Joint, measure inside tabs. See Diagram D.


If Pinion Yoke does not have Placement Tabs that retain U-Joint, measure from flat of yoke inside to inside. See Diagram E.


If 4 bolt Flange is used on pinion, measure Pilot Diameter and center to center diagonally bolt hole to bolt hole. See Diagram L.


Universal Joint Size. There are hundreds of U-Joint sizes or “Series” to accomodate many different applications of power and desired longevity for your automotive, 4×4 truck or auto racing requirements, these 4 series of joints cover most needs.

1310 Spicer Series: 1 1/16″ Cup Diameter (Dim C – Diagram A) 3 7/32″ length (Dim B – Diagram A) Certain Ford applications have 2 cups 1 1/8 Diameter. Appropriate horse power range is up to 500 in circle track or road racing, small tire drag racing and 4×4. Also available: Performance Dynamic Cryo Joint.

1330 Spicer Series: 1 1/16″ Cup Diameter (Dim C – Diagram A) 3 5/8″ length (Dim B – Diagram A) Certain Ford applications have 2 cups 1 1/8 Diameter. Slightly stronger than 1310, Used in 5.0 Mustangs. Also available: Performance Dynamic Cryo Joint.

3R Saginaw Series: 1 1/8″ Cup Diameter (Dim C – Diagram A) Retained with internal clip 2 5/8″ (Dim B – Diagram A). Most common GM joint. Horse power range up to 700 in road racing and circle track. Solid drag racing U-Joint can accomodate most sportsman classes. Also available: Performance Dynamic Cryo Joint.

1350 Spicer Series: Manufactured with OEM tolerances and treated with our Cryogenic Process to yeild the strongest U-Joint available. For drag racing applications a solid non-lube design U-Joint is recommended because of the tremendous initial shock load, or short duration of high torque the joint must be able to withstand.

                                                              The Cryogenic Process

The Cryogenic Process is capable of dramatically improving the performance characteristics of a wide variety of materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, carbides, plastics (including Nylon and Polymers) and ceramics. The entire process takes between 12 and 24 hours depending on the application and the results being sought.

Our Cryogenic Process is not a surface treatment. It effects the entire mass of the component being treated, making it stronger throughout and dramatically reducing wear. This means that the process keeps working for the life of the component rather than ceasing to be effective after the surface is worn or otherwise damaged. The hardness of the material treated is unaffected so there is actually less tendency to crack or chip while its strength and durability is increased. Our state-of-the-art cryogenic systems use a computer that duplicates the optimal thermal curve. It precisely regulates the temperature change and brings an absolute consistency not available in any other tempering process.


Who is PST?

PST, Inc. is a state of the art Manufacturer of Driveshafts for applications ranging from our "Critical Link"™ carbon fiber driveshafts to our Super Spline PTO shaft.

Our plant has been located in Clearwater, Florida for over 20 years and we take pride in serving the U.S. as well as foreign markets with our driveline products.

PST, Inc. has been an innovator in the high performance driveshaft business and we keep striving to maintain our excellent reputation for driveshaft engineering, technical support and service.

For all your driveshafts and brake components - look to PST, Inc. for the correct solution.

What we do

We are the most diverse Driveshaft Manufacturer in the world. PST builds custom Driveshafts for all types of racing as well as Individual Applications.

Including but not limited to:

  • OEM Style for Street Rods
  • All Stock Car Shafts (in many price ranges)
  • Drag Racing - 5 Completely Different Choices
  • Show Cars - Highly Polished Aluminum
  • Monster Trucks
  • Vintage Road Racing - Smoothest Performance Driveshafts
  • Off-Road 4x4 - Including long slip
  • Stationary Equipment
  • Agricultural Driveshafts
  • Boat Jack Driveshafts


                           How tight should I tighten my u-bolts?

1310 series and 1330 series should be tightened to 17 ft/lbs and 1350 series to 20 ft/lbs. You should never tighten the nuts on any u-bolt excessively. This will cause the cap to distort and the u-joint will fail prematurely.
PST MA35 3.5″ Aluminum 05-14 Mustang GT 500 Shaft
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