RHS 549150 Torque Plate: RHS® LS Block


RHS 549150 Torque Plate: RHS® LS Block - FREE SHIPPING!

RHS® Torque Plates for boring/honing are carefully engineered to precisely mimic the thickness and design of an installed aluminum cylinder head. When assembled engine block stresses and bore distortion are accurately replicated during the machining process, more precise boring and honing is reached for maximum performance. Exclusive RHS® design, don't accept inferior deck plates, and never use a steel or cast iron deck plate on an LS engine.

Engineered to work with all LS engine blocks, including 6 bolt LSX pattern blocks, RHS® Torque Plates are a must-have for any serious RHS® LS Race block engine builder. These Torque Plates will work with the fire ring on a 4.125" or 4.165" gasket. They will not work for a bore smaller than a 4.125" as the fire ring will not be clamped down by the plate.

RHS 549150 Torque Plate: RHS® LS Block
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  • Item #: RHS 549150
  • Manufacturer: RHS
  • Condition: New
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