TCI 311005 - Super StreetFighter™ Transmission; 6" Tailshaft

TCI 311005 - TCI Super StreetFighter Transmissions

 TCI 311005 -  Super StreetFighter™ Transmission; 6" Tailshaft

Forward Shift Pattern, Automatic/Manual Valve Body, Chevy, TH350

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The TCI® StreetFighter® transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest street machines.

  • Ideal for pump gas vehicles producing up to 750 horsepower with a non-supercharged system
  • Most units allow manually shifting or, by placing it in the drive position, fully automatic shifting
  • Produces a racetrack shift that bangs through the gears and shaves time off your ET's with no lag or governor override

Triple Tested Quality

We also go the extra mile to ensure your transmission is superior in both form and function. Beginning with a careful inspection of the transmission case and components that will be used, we replace stock parts with high performance bands and components where applicable. We increase fluid flow, lubrication system and thrust capacity. Problematic hard parts are replaced with stronger components, many of which we fabricate ourselves at our in-house machining centers. Valve bodies are completely remanufactured and 100% tested prior to installation. Finally, each and every TCI® Sizzler® transmission must pass both a static hydraulic pressure test during assembly and a final dyno test prior to shipping. That's Triple Tested so you can be confident you're getting a transmission that's ready to rock.

Things you should know...

A TCI® StreetFighter® transmission and torque converter is a bolt-in operation in most cases. Be sure to closely review the application charts to help ensure proper fit. In case of custom and unusual applications, it is wise to contact us for a part number recommendation. For questions or comments, email us at Due to the many differences among car models, some TCI® transmissions do not come with a shift lever or linkage. It is advisable to retain and use the original shift lever. Exchanging transmissions may cause the speedometer to read differently. It may be necessary for you to change, speedometer gears for your application. Transmissions do not come with dipstick or crossmember mount. Transmission pan bolts may loosen during shipment. Be sure to check torque of pan bolts during installation.

Torqueflite Notes:

Beginning in 1978 for Chrysler and 1979 for AMC a lock-up torque converter was used in many transmissions. You cannot interchange a lock-up converter for a non-lock converter. When changing to an aftermarket torque converter it may be necessary to replace the OEM flexplate and mounting bolts.

Ford AOD Notes:

Due to the wide variety of OEM shift levers, you may be required to transfer the shift lever originally used with your vehicle to your new transmission. Contact us for assistance.

Ford C4 Notes:

1965-69 applications can use the TCI® StreetFighter® transmission by using a 1970 & later 26-spline torque converter with the transmission. All C4 transmissions are shipped minus bellhousing due to many different applications. Contact us for assistance if you require a bellhousing prior to ordering.

Ford C6 Notes:

When ordering please reference if existing transmission has a shift lever which points up or down.

GM 700R4 (4L60) Notes:

30 spline transmissions can be installed in the 1984 & earlier vehicles by using 30-spline torque converter with the transmission. All lock-up TCI® 700R4 transmissions have the TCI® universal wiring kit (part # 376600) installed and may be wired independent of the vehicle computer. This also allows for easy retrofit into earlier non 700R4 equipped applications. Not a replacement for the 4L60E application which started production in 1993.

GM 4L60E Notes:

Due to the wide variation in configurations from year-to-year & model-to-model, it is recommended that you contact us directly for assistance before placing an order with a distributor. Among the items we'll need to verify are year model, case style (1-piece or 2-piece), tailhousing style, etc.

TCI 311005 - Super StreetFighter™ Transmission; 6" Tailshaft
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  • Item #: TCI 311005
  • Manufacturer: TCI
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