TCI 399754 Flexplate, 168-Tooth, 1-Piece Rear, 4L80E/T400


TCI 399754 Flexplate, 168-Tooth, 1-Piece Rear, 4L80E/T400, SFI 29.1, Chevy,

Flexplates are .035" thicker than stock and the starter ring is welded to both sides of the flexplate for additional strength. Constructed from a high tensile strength material these flexplates resist elongation and cracking. All 168 tooth flexplates are sized for stock 3/8" mounting bolts and can be easily drilled for 7/16" diameter high performance torque converter applications and are SFI 29.1 approved.

Fits internally balanced Chevy 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0 LS1/LS6-series V8 engines.

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  • Flexplate to crank bolts and spacer included. This flexplate is designed for use when bolting a GM LS-based motor to a 4L80E or TH400 and has 6 converter bolt holes with the same 11.5 in. bolt pattern. This will not fit 1999-2000 6.0L applications with 0.400 in. extended crank flange and came with flat flexplate.

TCI 399753 - TCI Heavy-Duty Flexplates


TCI 399754 Flexplate, 168-Tooth, 1-Piece Rear, 4L80E/T400
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  • Item #: TCI 399754
  • Manufacturer: TCI
  • Condition: New
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