ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

Please remember that the prices on our site are the Procharger Minimum Advertised Prices, Call 260 672-2076 

ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1 For 2011-2014 Models Bolt On 200+ ProCharged HP! “Cooler air makes more...

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Part Number: ATI 1DG304-SCI

Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)

Condition: New

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ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

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ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

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    Please remember that the prices on our site are the Procharger Minimum Advertised Prices
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     ATI 1DG304-SCI 6.4 SRT8 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

    For 2011-2014 Models

    (6 Rib Shared Drive)

     Bolt On 200+ ProCharged HP!

    “Cooler air makes more power–period. With the ProCharger kit, 
         those numbers jumped to 616.86 RWHP [otherwise stock 392 HEMI,
         automatic transmission] … and with just 7-pounds of boost.”
         — Mopar Muscle, December 2013

    ProCharger 6.4L HEMI Tuner Kits
     A Tuner Kit is an excellent way to add even more power to modified and custom applications of the legendary 6.4L HEMI Charger. Tuner Kits require the purchase of a fuel system upgrade (injectors and fuel pump booster) and custom tuning.



    Inspired by the 1970’s original, the new generation Dodge Challenger is a true, in-your-face retro coupe design that packs a serious, HEMI-powered performance punch – but not nearly as serious as a ProCharger supercharged and intercooled Challenger!

    While the whole of the automotive performance world was swooning over the Challenger’s introduction, ProCharger engineers and system developers were already hard at work on supercharger systems that allow owners to take their Challenger’s performance to the next, tire-shredding level.

    ProCharger Systems for the 6.4L HEMI-powered SRT-8 Challengers can add major horsepower to an otherwise stock engine. All ProCharger systems are designed for and provide outstanding everyday driveability and reliability.

    ProCharger systems and kits for the 6.4L HEMI Challengers have been painstakingly designed to be installed onto completely stock or modified engines and require no major modifications to the vehicle’s components. Under the hood, the installed ProCharger looks like it could have come from the factory, while the large, front-mounted air-to-air intercooler lets everyone know, “this isn’t your average Challenger!”

      High Output Intercooled System with P-1SC-1  7 psi  200+ HP  3 core
      High Output Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1  specify  specify  3 core

    *Higher boost levels are available for modified engines.

    “Cooler air makes more power–period. With the ProCharger kit, those numbers jumped to 616.86 RWHP [otherwise stock 392 HEMI, automatic transmission] … and with just 7-pounds of boost.”
    — Mopar Muscle, December 2013


    Intercooled ProCharger Systems and Tuner Kits for 2011-14 6.4L SRT8 Challengers and Chargers offer a gain of 200+ horsepower with a conservative 7 psi.  This industry leading technology provides the coolest charge air temperatures, largest power gains and most repeatable performance available.  For those wanting to purchase a tuner kit and have custom tuning performed by a local dealer, the gain is 225+ HP with 8 psi. 

    ProCharger’s 6.4L/392 systems and tuner kits feature the industry standard P-1SC-1 ProCharger, with self-contained oiling, billet impeller and billet gear cases standard. This kit also features highly effective and reliable air-to-air intercooling, which combines with an advantaged mounting location and best in class supercharger efficiency to minimize heat production and heat transfer, and maximize reliable power gains.

    Also available are tuner kits and systems for 2011+ 5.7L Challengers and Chargers, as well as the 2011+ 5.7L Ram truck.

    ProCharger was the first manufacturer to offer complete supercharger systems for 6.1 and 5.7 HEMI’s, back in 2007. With continued industry and HEMI leadership, ProCharger was first once again for the 392, in early 2013.

       ProCharger actually had fitment on 392 HEMI's since early 2011, but we held off putting this system into volume production until a reliable, cost-effective solution was available for engine calibration. That solution became available in early 2013, and 2011-14 ProCharger systems for 5.7 and 6.4L HEMI's feature Diablo handheld programmers.

    P-1SC-1, 7 psi, Air-to-Air Race Intercooler Upgrade, Otherwise Stock, Full Weight, Pump Gas

    ProCharger supercharger kits are absolutely the most powerful and reliable supercharger systems available for your vehicle. For street use or at the track, Intercooled ProCharger supercharger systems will deliver the largest increase in horsepower and torque available from any supercharger system. And thanks to the extremely low charge air temperatures provided by ProCharger technology, ProCharger kits also provide much better engine longevity by protecting your motor from detonation. ProCharger systems are designed with a fundamental understanding of the physics behind supercharging, and are engineered to the highest quality standards.

    Reliable Street Legal Horsepower Gains

    It is this approach that allows ATI to offer exclusive features which improve both the performance and reliability of ProCharger systems relative to other products. For example, it is simply an undisputed fact that lowering charge air temperatures will substantially improve both performance and engine longevity, and ATI provides the coolest intake charge air temperatures in the industry by a wide margin. Similarly, by using CNC machining and nearly indestructable 7075 T-6 aircraft aluminum to produce the largest and strongest impellers in the industry, ATI is able to again improve both performance and reliability. ProChargers are the only centrifugal superchargers to incorporate billet impellers in production models, and this is another example of ATI's technical leadership. This quality and durability in turn allows customers to have further peace of mind knowing that ProCharger superchargers are also backed by the best warranty in the industry, for the highest boost and power levels. For more information on the physics behind supercharging and the advantages of ProCharger technology, see the ProCharger Technology page.

    In addition to absolutely unmatched performance and reliability, ProCharger supercharger kits also offer the following benefits to customers:


    ProCharger supercharger kits are produced from the finest materials available. All castings are poured from "virgin" 356 aluminum alloy and heat-treated to a T-6 hardness before CNC machining. ATI's exclusive billet impellers are machined from 7075 T-6 aircraft aluminum, while the super precision bearings used in all ProCharger models are made in the USA, and are of a consistently higher quality and speed/load rating than those used by any of our competitors. In fact, ProCharger superchargers are so reliable that they are used as standard equipment by many leading boat manufacturers in the extremely demanding marine environment.


    Fuel-injected automotive and truck ProCharger Systems are generally 100% complete, with all the components needed for an attractive, OEM-quality installation. An exception is larger fuel injectors, as some systems exclude these, especially if larger fuel injectors are only needed for upgraded boost and power levels. All hardware is of the highest quality, and fuel-injected systems include a high-flow external fuel pump as standard equipment if necessary for proper fuel delivery. Carbureted systems are complete with the exception of the carburetor and fuel system, which depend upon an individual's specific motor and performance needs.


    ProCharger superchargers are absolutely the most reliable (have the lowest failure rate) in the industry, and are backed by the industry's best warranty coverage. It is not uncommon to find ProCharger kits warrantied for 1 year at power levels which our competitors will not even warranty for 1 day.


    Most Intercooled ProCharger kits can be installed in 8-10 hours with simple hand tools. Carbureted systems can generally be installed in 4-6 hours. All ProCharger kits contain extremely thorough installation instructions with plenty of photos, illustrations and diagrams to help ensure a successful installation. ProCharger systems are also supported by the industry's largest and most knowledgable network of dealers.


    Many ProCharger Complete Intercooled Supercharger Systems meet both EPA and CARB emissions requirements. To verify the ProCharger offering for your specific application has emissions approval please contact your ProCharger Dealer or you can also verify EO numbers at