ATI 1DL215-SCI (6.4) Durango HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1

ATI 1DL215-SCI (6.4) Durango HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 200+ HP gain

ATI 1DL215-SCI (6.4) Durango HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1

Please remember that the prices on our site are the Procharger Minimum Advertised Prices, Call 260 672-2076 

ATI 1DL215-SCI 2018-20(6.4) Durango SRT8 HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 

2018-21 DODGE DURANGO - BIG POWER FOR A BIG SUV For those Dodge...

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Part Number: ATI 1DL215-SCI

Manufacturer: ATI ProCharger (Accessible Technologies Inc)

Condition: New

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ATI 1DL215-SCI (6.4) Durango HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 200+ HP gain

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ATI 1DL215-SCI (6.4) Durango HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1

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    Please remember that the prices on our site are the Procharger Minimum Advertised Prices
    Call 260 672-2076

    ATI 1DL215-SCI 2018-21(6.4) Durango SRT8 HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1


     For those Dodge Durango owners wanting more performance to enjoy the daily drive or the occasional towing and hauling, we have great options for you.

     Our HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 supercharger for 6.4L delivers an extra 200 ponies (675+ Horsepower!!) to help get that Durango down the road quickly.  Our systems have everything you need and can be installed over the weekend in your garage with just some basic hand tools.  Or if you prefer, one of our professional dealers can install it for you and have you on road in no time. 

     For those seeking even more power and plan to modify their exhaust or engine, our Intercooled Tuner Kits give you the freedom to tailor the boost you want based on overall goals and engine capability along with fuel type.  Tuner Kits require a professional tuner and our dealers would be happy to assist you with your performance mods.


    Complete System (Tuning is provided)
    Power OptionsDescriptionHp GainMax BoostPart # 
    #1HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 supercharger200+ 7 psi1DL215-SCI 

    Note: This system is complete with tuning (ready to go and have everything you need), can install yourself or have someone install it for you. Your Durango has to either be stock or have just a cat back exhaust system in order to use the tune that comes with the Complete System.

    Tuner Kit (Custom tuning required)
    Power OptionsDescriptionHp GainMax BoostPart # 
    #2HO Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1 supercharger200+Custom1DL205-SCI 

    Note: Tuner kit requires custom tuning and a professional installer with custom tuning capability. 

    Tuner Kit: This kit makes sense for someone wanting to perform custom tuning of the car and push the envelope in performance.  Will most likely be experimenting with alternative fuels and changing engine components like heads, headers, exhaust, and cam for the engine.


    For both our Complete HO Systems and Tuner Kits, we offer more options than any competitor and give you the chance to customize your system or kit the way you want it.


    • Supercharger Headunits –  We offer numerous supercharger upgrades like our more efficient P-1X supercharger (available for Systems and Tuner Kits) all the way up to our F-1A-94 supercharger, capable of 1200HP (available for Tuner Kits only).
    • Quieter Helical Gearset  – We offer a helical gearset for our P-1SC-1, P-1X, D-1SC, and D-1X superchargers offering much quieter operation, especially for those with a quiet or OEM exhaust system
    • Supercharger Finish Options – Satin (Standard finish), Polished (Code -P), or Black (Code -B) for superchargers
    • Supercharger Bracket Finish Options – Satin (Standard finish), polish (Code -PB), or black (Code -BB) for bracket assemblies
    • Race Bypass Valve Upgrade – Great for 800+ HP applications



     Just bolt it on, install a provided tune with the HO System or a professional tune with the Tuner Kit, and GO!  Our ProCharger HO Systems and Tuner Kits are designed to be simple and easy-to-install letting you get your Durango back on the road ASAP.  


    We offer a wide array of supercharger choices, from mild to wild, just pick the right one for you or give us a call to help you out.  The ProCharger supercharger head-unit and bracket can be finished in Satin Aluminum finish (standard), Polished Aluminum finish (optional), or Wrinkle Black finish for a more rugged look (optional). The head-unit can be outfitted with two different styles of internal gearsets (P-1SC-1, P-1X, D-1SC, and D-1X models): standard gears and helical "quieter" gears for a more subtle tone.



     For those wanting to have less noise when driving, our helical gearset makes a lot of sense.  These gears are machined of high quality, hardened steel ensuring many miles of reliable, smooth performance.  Helical gearsets are ideal for those Durangos with a stock or OEM exhaust.



    A supplemental powertain warranty is available from Charter Warranty for those seeking additional protection ($7,500 total protection).  

     NOTE: Vehicles must be less than 3 years old and 36,000 miles to be eligible for the warranty.  Click here for more details.


     NOTE: ProCharger HO Systems and Tuner Kits for the 2018 Dodge Durango are NOT legal for street use in California. These products are intended for racing or off road applications only. California approved products for street legal use (complete systems) will have an associated CARB EO# for compliance.  Click here for a full list of California and 50 state street legal systems.



     In addition to Durango supercharger kits, we also offer numerous vehicle applications from Harley to Dodge Ram trucks.

    I have always wanted to get a procharger for my vehicles and when I picked up my 2012 SRT8 Jeep I knew I wanted to get it procharged. My jeep was fast before and had plenty of power at the wheels, 372awhp, but I wanted more. After adding the procharger jeep system it bumped my power to 550awhp. The jeep is a completly different animal now. It will break all 4 wheels loose when shifting into second and keeps pushing you further and further into your seat as boost is made. The procharger kit is top notch from the intercooler welds to the fit and finish of the blower unit.
    Justin S