BMR TA007 Torque Arm, GM 12-bolt Differential, (1974-1981)

BMR TA007 Torque Arm, GM 12-bolt Differential, (1974-1981)

Add a modern suspension system, improve handling, and reduce wheelhop and axle wrap on your classic GM F-body with a Torque Arm from BMR Suspension. Using its proven track record in torque arm development and application, BMR has developed an application-specific torque arm conversion kit that brings modern suspension technology to the muscle car platform. The factory leaf spring suspension does very little to control axle movement in any direction. Axle wrap due to poor axle control will negatively affect performance and can cause serious damage to suspension and driveline components.

Working independent of the leaf springs, the torque arm has the ability to aid traction while allowing the spring to perform its natural function of supporting the vehicle. This is not possible with traditional traction bars since loading the suspension essentially turns the front portion of the leaf spring into a solid link, limiting the springs intended function. With the torque arm installed, axle wrap is eliminated, pinion rise is controlled, and the spring remains unaffected under loaded conditions. Additionally, by being centrally located, the torque arm allows the rearend to fully articulate over road transitions and bumps with zero bind. As a result, ride quality remains unaffected. These features allow the torque arm to be equally at home on the street, drag strip, or road course.

BMR Suspension’s torque arms eliminated the axle wrap and wheelhop caused by the rear leaf springs. The system gives you total control over axle movement, effectively eliminating axle wrap. Manufactured from heavy-duty DOM steel tubing and heavy-duty 3/16- and 3/8-inch, laser cut, CNC-formed steel plate, BMR’s Torque Arms are extremely strong, allowing them to handle the extreme loads of any form of performance driving. The versatile torque arm gives you an incredible amount of adjustability that was never available from the factory, all in a package designed and engineered to be 100% bolt-on with zero fabrication, cutting, or welding. The heavy-duty design eliminates torque arm deflection, allowing power to transfer more efficiently to the tires. BMR Suspension designed its Torque Arms for street performance, Pro Touring, and handling applications.

The Torque Arm
BMR Suspension’s Torque Arm is built from boxed steel and uses round-tube sections to form a cage around the differential housing. This assembly connects to a CNC-laser cut steel plate that mounts between the differential and differential cover.

The torque arm crossmember mounts to the car between the body and the rear mount of the front subframe. The kit includes Delrin bushings to replace the subframe bushings. These bushings are designed to take the added load applied by the torque arm. The cross member utilizes a Delrin slider bushing for the torque arm mount. This ensures long life and quiet, and trouble free operation. The Delrin slider bushing also allows for plenty of articulation for great handling.

With a torque arm, you get the best lateral stability for increased traction, along with centered suspension articulation for bind-free handling. This makes a torque arm the perfect option for street, drag racing, or road racing without compromising any application. BMR Suspension has torque arm kits available that work with your existing GM 10- and 12-bolt rearend.

***NOTE: Some 1974 models used carryover 1973 front subframes. Please verify subframe before ordering.

BMR provides detailed instructions on properly setting up the kit, once installed and, as always, a knowledgeable tech staff on hand. BMR Suspension Torque Arms Suspension kits are available in black hammertone and red powdercoat. Installation time is 4-6 hours. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

- Fits 1974-1981 GM F-Body

- 100% Bolt-on

- Requires no fabrication, cutting, or welding

- Compatible kits for factory 10- or 12-bolt rearends

- Eliminates axle wrap

- Reduces wheel hop

- Heavy-duty boxed steel torque arm construction

- DOM steel tubing

- 3/16- and 3/8-inch laser cut, CNC-formed steel plate

- MIG-welded

- Available in black hammertone or red powdercoat

- Proudly made in the U.S.A.

The Finer Details

Part Number: BMR TA007

Manufacturer: BMR Suspension

Condition: New

Weight: 60 lbs

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BMR TA007 Torque Arm, GM 12-bolt Differential, (1974-1981)